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We help because we care.

Southern Lurcher Rescue is a small UK voluntary organisation based in the South, dedicated to the work of rehoming unwanted lurchers.

We do not have kennel facilities, so are unable to take on dogs needing isolation assessment. All dogs are kept in private voluntary fostering until re-homed.

Since we are based in the South, preference will be given to rehoming dogs in this area; although we will consider surrounding areas in exceptional circumstances. We will endeavour to help other lurcher rescues wherever possible.

Fosterers in all areas urgently needed - a homecheck is necessary.

We rely entirely on voluntary donations.

Contact us between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Admin and Applications - 07940 555574.

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  • Why a lurcher?

    The history of the lurcher as a type of hound dates back more than 400 years. Over that time, although originally bred as a hunting dog, the lurcher has become increasingly popular as a family pet.


  • Come in many shapes and sizes, with wide variations in size (ranging from Whippet to Deerhound), coat (smooth/broken/rough), and colouring;
  • Are people friendly - very affectionate and extremely loyal;
  • Possess on the whole a gentle nature and a great deal of intelligence;
  • Are calm, sensitive, and generally obedient;
  • Do not need huge amounts of exercise - but regular 30 minute outbursts of energy - and so make particularly good pets for outdoor-type families;
  • Are hardy, robust and resilient;
  • “The lurcher, needless to say, makes a faithful family pet.”
    —Stephen Foster, 'Walking Ollie'

  • If you think a lurcher could be the right dog for you, please take a look at our page of Hounds Needing Homes!