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Happy endings

All these dogs were successfully rehomed through SLR.



Ollie came into SLR from a rescue in Kent. This lovely boy found a new home but unfortunately Ollie and the family's dog didn't settle. He went into a new foster home with Sian and Andrew and their Lurcher, Leonard. This time he settled really well and he and Leonard became best friends. It was no surprise when Sian announced that he was going to join their pack. His patience paid off and he is now very happy in his forever home.


This lovely young pup came into foster with Christine and her 3 Lurchers. He was rehomed but the family's older dog found his boisterous and playful nature too much to handle so Lenny went back to his foster family. This lovely, happy, boy soon caught they eye of Mark and Sue who were looking for a young dog for their youngest Lurcher. The meeting went really well and Lenny and Maisie got on famously. The other dogs in the pack accepted him and were happy to leave Lenny and Maisie to play together. His foster mum was sad to see him go but happy that this lovely boy had found his perfect forever home.


We were asked to take this lovely black and tan girlie, Saluki x around 2 year's old. She was very friendly, and quite bouncy having found her freedom, and it was decided to call her Summer. She travelled all the way down to Cornwall to a foster home where she had great fun with the other dogs in the pack. She was spotted by Steve who wanted a friend for his dog Roxie. He drove all the way down from Buckinghamshire to meet her along with Roxie. The two dogs got on well and Summer was able to return with them to her new home.


Little Ruby had been waiting in the wings to come into SLR for a while, but when she suddenly went flat we knew she had to come in as soon as possible. She was in a terrible condition suffering from mange (as you can see in her before photo) and we thought she wouldn't make it. But with the love and care in her foster home she gradually recovered and turned into the most beautiful tan little girl. It wasn't long before Katherine and the rest of her pack fell in love with her and she found her forever home.


Chester came into SLR from holding kennels. He was thought to be around a year old and just 23" to the shoulder. His foster dog was reluctant to let this lovely, affectionate boy go. He was always up for a cuddle and a quick learner. He was spotted by Dave and Sue who were looking for a friend for their Lurcher, Marley. The meeting with Chester went well and the lucky boy now has his forever home with Dave and Sue and his new BFF Marley.


SLR was asked to help rehome Donny from his own home. He was rescued by his Dad 4 year's ago and was very much loved. But the family had become three, and with new mum back at work full-time and the baby to sort out, Donny was not getting the exercise that he needed. The family had always been active before little two legs came along and they felt really upset that Donny was not having the fun that he used to have. They didn't want him to go into kennels and they didn't want him to get into the wrong hands. They were very sad to have to say goodbye to Donny but knew he was going to be happy in his new home where he would be much loved and have the company of their resident Lurcher.


Dash came into rescue with us at just 10 weeks old. After a stopover with one of our members on the way to his foster home with Claire, he found himself in a new menagerie - including the family's giant Wolfhound! He wasn't put off and soon made himself at home "pond roaching". There were lots of people interested in this gorgeous pup but it was Ron and Sue and their dog Fred who finally got to take him home with them and become his new slaves!


Duncan's owners had to move from a dog friendly rented home into a non-dog friendly rented place. The Landlord gave them two weeks to rehome the dog, but they were unable to find him a home so they asked SLR if we could help. This 15 month old boy was a happy, friendly young lad and was soon spotted by Katie who wanted a friend for her Lurcher, Ellie - who she had previously adopted from us. It was love at first sight and it wasn't long before Duncan was on his way to a new life.


Due to a change in circumstances Dave was going to be left for up to 11 hours a day and his owner didn't have the finance to fund a dog walker. He was already being left for longer than they would like, and they wanted like to see him settled in a new home. He was fostered by Philippa who said that if he fitted in he would be a stayer. Well, he fitted in really well and stayed - but he had to have his name changed so there wasn't any confusion with Dave the Human in the household!


Scruffy was rescued by his owners from a situation where he was tied up all day in a yard. But unfortunately the Staffie of the family (who has been with them since a pup) wasn't getting on with Scruffy who was spending most of his time being confined to the son's bedroom or left in the garden for periods of time. The family wanted him to be happy but they knew that it was just not going to work with them. Fortunately for Scruffy along came Jackie and Rob and their pack who fell for his lovely cheeky character. They changed his name to Frazer and he now lives happily with them along with Willo, Fergus and their pack of cats.


Noah was brought into the vets where Laylah works with a badly broken femur, his owners could not afford any treatment so his future was looking bleak. As soon as she saw how gentle and loving he was even with a leg that had been broken for while she knew she had to save him. He was only about 10 months old. His leg was amputated the next morning, where his left hind leg had been broken for a while he was already used to walking on 3 legs and he was running around the next day. It was only a few weeks before Laylah realised she couldn't part with Noah and with his name changed to Archie his new life started in his forever home.


Monty was a bit shut down when he came in, but considering he had been shot and was very underweight, that was not surprising. He was thought to be around 2 years old and settled well into his foster home considering the upheavel of his life. It took a while for him to put on weight and for his wound to heal. His foster mum, Sue, did a great job in helping him gain confidence and with his coat growing back he was gradually transformed into a really handsome, affectionate little man. When he was adopted by Alan and Helen it was a sad day for Sue as she had become very attached to him, but as she said: "Nobody told me how hard this would be (but I probably would have still done it, he was worth it)."


Called Nipper by the holding kennels, but in reality around 25" to the shoulder. Quinn went down to Cornwall to be fostered with Sue and her 7 hounds. He was a perfect house guest, learned quickly and was very easy-going. Gill and Ian who had lost their older dog George were looking for a companion for their SLR Skippy. After they met Quinn they knew he was the one for them.


Tilly came in to foster with Liz who was new to fostering and we thought that Tilly could be a "foster to fail". This pretty girl was around 23/24 inches to the shoulder and very laid back. She didn't pull on the lead and was a submissive little lady. It was agreed that Liz would wait until Tilly had been neutered and she'd had her for 12 days before letting us know if this little lady was going to be staying. After just a few weeks Liz decided Tilly was for her and asked to adopt her. As Jenny said, "I think it was a done deal as soon as she looked into her eyes".


Little Olive, a young Whippet X, came into the rescue with a damaged leg as a result of a traffic accident. She had clearly lacked socialisation and had to be crate-rested for weeks which made it difficult to help her socialisation. She was much-loved by her foster family but her insecurity with other dogs and people made her reactive which was difficult to handle. She moved to foster with Christine and her 3 Lurchers. It didn't take her long to be happy with the dogs and her cheeky, affectionate nature, once she got to know people, meant that everyone who met her fell in love with her. Her reactiveness was a work in progress but over the months she slowly improved and she was able to be let off the lead at the park and meet other dogs while muzzled. When Julien and Sonia from Brighton met her they too fell for her, and their Whippet Ailbe liked her too. They took some time to be sure they could continue working to improve her reactiveness but eventually they decided they couldn't part with her. She continues to be a work in progress but as her foster mum said, she is a very, very, special little girl who captures the heart of everyone who meets her. We know that she finally found her perfect forever home. Be happy, lovely special Olive.


Skye had been abandoned and came into SLR after serving the 7 days with the warden service. She was fostered by Christine who said she was the easiest, sweetest-natured dog she had ever had. She'd only been in foster for a few weeks when she met a dog walker at the local park who said she had a friend who used to have a Greyhound and she was sure she would love Skye. Her fosterer knew that whoever met Skye would fall in love with her. She wanted the very best new home for her with a family who would appreciate what a special little girl she was. Things moved on really quickly. Julie and her family couldn't wait to meet Skye and once they did it was love at first sight. Christine was sad to have to say goodbye to Skye but knew she was going to the perfect family, and best of all she would be living just a few streets away so she could keep in touch.


Poor Poppy was found suffering from mange. She was only young, under a year and a bit timid at first. But she soon settled with her fosterer and loved her dogs - she loved getting into the crate with Jack. She gradually put on weight and recovered well from her neutering. Her happy, playful character won the hearts of Tony and Mo and she was soon off to her new life in Berkshire.


Paws was a very sad case. He came into SLR at around 4 years old. He had terrible injuries on his feet from having been dragged along the road, damaged tail, chips out of his ears and poor skin. But none of this had affected his sweet nature. He was fostered by Noni and Ray and within around 3 weeks he was bandage free and ready to go and live with Hilary with the new name of Davey.


Tiger came into SLR from holding kennels and went into foster with Maria and Stuart and their two Lurchers. He turned out to be a very playful, funny boy and after his neutering their dogs, Dingo and Misty, were more settled with this big boy who had come into their lives. Tiger was such an adorable boy that Maria and Stuart decided they had to keep him and they ended up as failed fosterers!


Sadly Lola's owner had to work longer hours which meant she was getting bored and destructive. She came into foster with Kaaren and her family in Essex. She got on really well with her SLR rescued "gingernutz" Margot and Davey, turning the pack into a trio of beautiful ginger Lurchers. Lola had found her new forever home and a new name, Pip!


We were asked to take in Sasha along with another Lurcher. She was estimated to be around 2-3 years old. The original plans for fostering didn't work out because she was in season so SLR founder, Jenny, took her in. She proved to be a very cheeky playful girlie. Around 6 months later and she still hadn't found her forever home and by then she had well and truly wheedled her way into the affections of Jenny's other dogs, so she decided that she could stay.


Little Scruff came into the rescue from holding kennels. He went into temporary foster with Clare until his fosterer, Tina, came back from holiday. The hope was that Tina would keep him and when she finally picked him up he proved to be the ideal addition to her pack... so he stayed!


Lula was found just before Christmas running amongst traffic on a main road. She had no collar, no chip, was cold, exhausted and very hungry. There had been sightings of her running free in the area for at least 2 days before she was picked up. She was looked after by a family while SLR found a forever home for her. Linda and Ray fell in love with her and she was soon off to a happy new life with them.


Through no fault of her own or her owner, Nicola, Lolly was looking for a forever couch. She was specific in her needs: she needed a cuddle buddy! She had been so loved by Nicola, but after a split with her partner, Nicola found that Lolly was really missing Chad, her cuddle buddy. Nicola's younger dogs didn't cuddle up to Lolly and left her behind on walks and she was getting more and more depressed.This was heart-breaking for Nicola as she never thought that she could part with one of her dogs, and didn't want to, but she couldn't bring back the dog that Lolly was so close to. Fortunately, Michael and Sarah and their 12-year old Lurcher, Rocco, came along and decided Lolly was the perfect addition to their pack and she soon made herself at home. It was a bittersweet parting for Nicola, but she was happy that Lolly had found a loving new home.


This cute little pup came into SLR along with her two brothers. She went into foster in Essex along with Winnie (who had an injured leg). They became firm friends and when Belle went to visit Margey in Lincolnshire Winnie went too with a view to being adopted. Margey knew straight away that she wanted Belle to stay. Fortunately for both Winnie and Belle, she decided to keep Winnie as well.


Winnie had an injury with a dislocated leg and her owners couldn't pay for the veterinary treatment. She was around 2 years old and although unsure of the world, loved people and wagged her tail a lot. She spent some time in foster while her leg slowly mended. She became firm friends with her foster sister, Bella, a little pup who came into SLR with her 2 siblings. Winnie went to Margey in Lincolnshire for a "visit" along with Bella and ended up staying!


Bear and his brother and sister came into SLR together. This adorable brindle pup had been well socialised and was a happy and confident little boy. He went into foster with his lovely sister Belle, where he got lots of cuddles until Emma and her family fell head over heels for our little Bear. He was soon off to start a wonderful new life with doggy brother Casper and two human brothers who bought him lots of new toys, which he loves!


Sadly Logan's family had to move and couldn't take him with them. A family friend was looking after him, but being in her 60's and with a disabled son and her own two dogs, she was struggling to cope. Five-year old Logan had been owned by the same family since he was 8 weeks old and had been well looked after. Everyone who met him said Logan was a lovely boy so it was no surprise that his foster family ended up adopting him!


Young pup, Wilson, came in with his brother Bear, and sister Belle. His sister secured a home and Wilson went into foster with Nancy and Paul. He proved to be a fun, happy, playful pup who loves his toys. This very special little boy didn't wait long for his forever home with Marianne and new big brother Alfie.


Ralph was found wandering and went to Clair and her dogs Izzy and Jasper ,in Wiltshire for fostering and soon started playing with her dog, Izzy. Sian and Andrew saw his thread and were keen to meet him, and within a few weeks of coming into SLR he was off to his new home with them along with the new name of Leonard.


Reggie (10 months old) was advertised on an internet site, free to good home. Ruth couldn't bear for him to go to the wrong home so offered to take him on and then contacted SLR to see if we could back him if she fostered. He was already a big boy at 26" to the shoulder and totally gorgeous in every way. Reggie came in with Ringworm which had to be treated, and he was soon scheduled for neutering. His foster mum did a great job with Reggie and within a few months Hollie and her children fell in love with him and off he went to his forever home.


We were contacted by a boarding kennels that also do Rescue who found that this little man was being left home alone due to a marriage split. His nails were in a really bad state; he was castrated and chipped but not vaccinated. Good with other dogs and loves people. After going to his foster home he was spotted by Ros who knew he would be the perfect companion for her.



Toffee, a young male around 2-3 years old, came into the rescue with wire cuts on his face. Toffee was very nervous and unsure to begin with but soon settled in with his foster mum, Michelle, so much so that she couldn't part with him and he became a permanent member of her pack.


Trigger came into SLR because the owners of Trigger were going to keep him, having bred him, but his mum had turned against him and they felt it was best to find him another home. He went into foster in Wiltshire and it looked like it was going to turn into an adoption. You can see from the photo that he wasn't going anywhere!


Suki came in from the Dog Warden at approximately 5/6 months old. She was very shy at first but soon starting playing with her fosterer's other dogs, and by the time she was adopted she would take treats. She now lives with Kim and her dog Perry.


Zoomie (was Finn) came into the rescue and proved to be a gorgeous friendly boy, other dog friendly and friendly to people. A stunningly handsome chap with a gentle, willingness to please, temperament. He went to Michelle and her SLR dog, Chuck (formerly Cadbury) as a foster but she soon decided she wanted to keep him.


Monty came into SLR because his Owner was taken ill in February and sadly died. He is a leggy 26/27" to the shoulder and and so easy, so lovable, and so gentle. He went to Heather and her husband as a foster but after a while they realised that his personality, appearance, age etc. was exactly what they been looking for so he stayed!


Saluki X Lurcher Floyd, came in to SLR from a vet. He had been brought into them by a member of the public with bite wounds, mostly to his chest. Thought to be around 2-3 years old. He was fostered by Sally and Tim, and he soon fell in love with their Saluki X, Phoebe, and within a few weeks they had decided he had to stay.


Lizzie (8 years old) came in to SLR when her owner sadly had to give her up. She went straight to Lorraine and Andrew for fostering with their dogs Alfie and Greta. She proved to be a lovely nature and soon settled in with their family life. Within just a few weeks they decided she fitted in so well that they wanted her to stay. Her previous owner couldn't have been happier, and nor could Lorraine and Andrew!


This little girl had been taken as payment for a job by a couple who had to get her out of the situation she was in. They tried their best but we needed to get her into an SLR foster home because they had cats and she was not cat-friendly and they were out at work during the day. After spending a few weeks with a foster family, she was eventually adopted by Dave and Sue and now has the loving home she deserves.


Lily and Poppy were SLR dogs adopted and much-loved by SLR member John. But when he sadly died their mum found it increasingly hard to get them out and about and exercised. She felt she was not doing them any justice by keeping them as they were dogs that needed to have a good run every day. It took some time for a new adopter to come along as we wanted them to go together. But eventually an experienced Lurcher-owning family came along and they were able to be rehomed together. It's good to know that John's beloved dogs have found a loving new home with each other.


13-week old puppy Dilly (now Dotty) came into SLR from a vet. She went into foster with Tina in Kent. Her sweet nature meant she got on with people, children and other dogs. This cheeky little girl soon won over her foster mum and Tina joined the Failed Foster Club!


Bones, a 3 year-old stray, had been in holding kennels for nearly 2 months until we were asked by the local Dog Warden if we could bring him in as there was an ultimatum on him from the local Council. He came into foster but had to be moved as the foster family's dog was finding him a bit overwhelming. We moved him to another foster home and he soon showed what a lovely, affectionate boy he was. Davey met Kaaren and her lovely Lurcher Margot at the SLR Fun Day and she decided she wanted to meet him again. That's all it took to convince her that she wanted to adopt him. He now has a very happy life as one of her "gingenutz".


Rook's owner was very distraught at having to find him another home, but due to a reltionship breakup found himself having to leave him all day in a flat. Rook came into SLR at just 11 months old, good with all dogs and people. A big and bouncy Deerhound X who was vey friendly. He was fostered by Michael and Jillian who took him in to join their other dogs, Jake and Willow, but they soon decided they couldn't part with him so he was there to stay!


Boris, a lovely brindle pup around 10 months old. He was other dog and people friendly. He started being fostered by Barney and then moved on to Kerry and Stefan. He had a fun and exciting time glamping with them and after 6 months they decided they wanted to keep him.


Sandy came to our attention along with another Lurcher when their owners had to move to a smaller flat and couldn't take their two 8-year old dogs with them. It wasn't long before Gwen, the dark haired one, found a new home and the lovely Sandy caught the eye of long-term SLR member, Barney. He thought she would make a good companion for his Lurcher Annie and when they eventually met it was clear they would get on well. Sandy is now a much-loved companion to Annie and Barney and will live out the rest of her life with him in a loving home.


Cadbury had been living in a Stable Yard where he only had a 10 x 10 run. He loves everyone, but was very depressed at not being allowed out of the run. His rescuer lives in a rented house which does not take animals and she just wanted to get him out of the situation he was in. She contacted SLR and Claire volunteered to foster him. He turned out to be every bit as lovely as his rescuer had said and he got on well with the other dogs in the family. After just a few weeks he met up with Michelle, Tom and Scooby and was soon on his way to his forever home. Claire was sad to see him go but knew he would have a lovely life with his new family and his new name - Chuck!


Ghengis had to be relinquished by his owner at just a year old because they could not give him the life he needed and felt it would be selfish to keep him. His lovely, affectionate character soon came out and within a few months he was on his way to his forever home. His foster mum and dad were very sad to see him go but they knew he was going to a happy new life.


This little pup came into the rescue and was fostered in Brighton. Her fosterer loved her so much she decided she had to adopt her. So Hekate now has a very happy life by the sea.


Margot was found wandering in Hampshire and was around 13 months old. She served her 7 days and was brought in to SLR for fostering. She proved to be a happy, clown and her foster family fell in love with her... so she stayed!


Meg came to us as a 12-week old puppy when her owner's relationship broke up. She proved to be a very sweet-natured little girl from when she was first picked up by one of our volunteers. She has a fun and happy character and loves playing. Pete and Beth spotted her and knew she would be just right for them and their kids. She had an injury to her tail and a bit of an upset tummy which delayed the move but eventually they were able to welcome her into their home and give her a lovely new life.


Emmy came into SLR from her own home because her elderly owner was unable to cope with walking her. Since her companion dog died Emmy had become depressed and unfit. Emmy was just over 8 year's old when she was fostered by Claire. She loved her departed human Dad, and since he died she had detached herself from life and needed to get that spark back. She had put on a bit of weight through lack of exercise and was put on a diet to get her back into shape. It wasn't long before Sue and Ken saw Emmy and wanted her to be a part of their family, along with their resident Galgo, Pepper, where she now has a lovely happy life.


Tilly was loved in her own home, but things had got bad between her and the other dogs in the home. The familiy's two Border Terriers were not happy with Tilly and had started to attack her. She needed to be out of the situation as soon as possible. She went to Simon and Helen for fostering but they soon found that she fitted in really well with their dogs Ringo and Joey and it wasn't long before they decided they needed to keep her and she now has a loving home with her new pack. xx


Freya came into us from a mixed Rescue who were asked to take her by a family of an elderly gentleman, who has now gone into a care home suffering with dementia. Freya had a lot of cupboard love and so needed to lose a few pounds. She's a little girl of around 23" to the shoulder, very sweet nature and just need a bit of time on a diet to get back to her normal whippet shape. It was love at first sight for Parveen and it wasn't long before she was able to collect Freya for the start of her new life.


Dotty was in a Vets with a leg injury. She had to serve her seven days before she could come in to SLR. She was about 2 years and only a little one, around 23/24 inches to the shoulder. She had an open wound on her leg but it soon closed up and after neutering she was ready to be rehomed. But her fosterers had fallen in love with her. They hadn't intended to adopt another dog but they couldn't let her go.


Evie came into the Rescue after a phone call from a Vets who rang to ask if we could help with a bitch that had just been brought in. She had a broken front leg and no microchip and they needed to make a decision as they couldn't get hold of the Dog Warden. We agreed to fund her operation. Her life changed for the better when she was fostered in Essex by Elaine and Bruce, as they eventually decided they couldn't let this lovely little girl go. xx


This pretty little girl came to us from another Rescue. She was fostered by Tina where she stayed for a while until a lovely couple in Kent came along to adopt her. She's now enjoying life by the seaside! xx


Bebe came into the Rescue after her 7 days. It looked like she had been involved in a Road Traffic Incident as she had broken her ulna and radius. She had to have her front leg plated and needed crate rest and short lead walks for a good 6-8 weeks, and was lucky she didn't lose her leg. She was fostered by Claire in Hampshire, who fell in love with her. Although it was hard to let her go she knew that Bebe would have a lovely life with her adopters, Dawn and Les. xx


Fern came into the Rescue after a lady rang to say that her father-in-law had died and they were looking after his dog Fern and could we help rehome her. At the same time Jo, a previous adopter of Alfie who had sadly died at the ripe age of 17, called to ask if we had a dog that might be suitable to befriend their dog Beau as he was missing Alfie. Fern went to visit and her placid laid-back character was a hit with the family straight away... and she stayed! xx


Woody come in after being found following a road traffic accident. His hip was shattered and the best thing for him was to amputate. He was around 4 months old, and still had many baby teeth. This semi-rough coat little boy won the hearts of everyone and it was no surprise when he soon found his forever home. Be happy Woody!


Tatty came to us via holding kennels after he had done his 7 days. He was fostered by Keith and Molly who already have a Bedlington X Lurcher. His gentle, affectionate character gradually came out. After a successful sleepover he was adopted by Chris and Jerry who fell in love with his lovely character and say he is adorable and a real pleasure to have in the house. xx


Lily was previously rehomed by SLR to a family with another small dog. The family contacted us to ask if Lily could come back into the Rescue as she had had a couple of spats with their smaller dog and they thought it was best to part the two dogs. Lily came back into foster with Philippa, and settled well so much so that Philippa decided she wanted to adopt her. She now has her forever home with her and her Lurcher Zephyr.


Harley and his brother Joey were much-loved but unfortunately circumstances changed for their relinquishing mum and she wanted to get them settled before it is an emergency to bring them in. It was a shame to split them but it was felt necessary in order to find them new homes. It took a while before we found the right home for him and it was a very sad time for his fosterer, but he is now happy living with Liz and Rick.


Little Paxti's mum had to return to Spain and could not take him with her. He was being cared for by her son but this was not ideal as he was being left full-time. He came into SLR at just 9 months and had a lovely character but was boisterous with other dogs. He spent time in a couple of foster homes before starting his new life with Bridget and her husband and 6 year old Lurcher, along with the new name of Theo!


Little Arnie was taken in by a family who found him on an internet site. When they got to the location they found it was a traveller site. They couldn't leave without him, so paid the £200 and he immediately poo'd and presented them with worm infestation. He was described as bearded collie x but was clearly a Beddie X Whippet, younger than first thought, and just 8 inches to the shoulder! He was a really loving little pup who didn't stop wagging his tail, but they realised they couldn't give him the attention that a little pup needs. Not surprisingly he was only with his fosterer for a week before Suzi asked to adopt this feisty little boy into her family with her 3 other Lurchers and lots of humans.


Flo had been taken into holding kennels just before Christmas and was thought to be around 9 years old. She soon found where the food was in her foster home and was very waggy-tailed and happy. She proved to be a real cuddle monster and everyone who met her said how lovely she was. Her adopters, George and Maureen, thought so too and decided she was the one for them. This lovely oldie now has the happy life with them that she deserves.


Lyra came into SLR from holding kennels. Her and her brother Jasper were found wandering in a lane in a familiar pick up place for abandoned pups! After a bath and microchipping she went off to her foster family who were keen to adopt her if she got on OK with their cats. She proved not to be bothered by them, and the family were really happy to be able to adopt this beautiful little girl.


Willow was taken in by a rescue kennels that predominantly helps Staffies so they were not finding it easy to get her a home and asked us if we would take her. She was thought to be around 2/3 yeas old, and was very lovable and good with people and dogs. She travelled across the water to be fostered on the Isle of Wight where she was much-loved. Within a few months Richard and Brenda spotted her and it wasn't long before her fosterer was packing her little suitcase with all her toys, PJ's made especially for her, and her spare waterproof coat for the start of her new life.


Sid went into a holding kennels but they were busting at the seams in the Rescue part so they asked us to take him in. This lovely, lively wriggly gorgeous cream pup was a typical saluki shape, leggy and with a lovely narrow head. It was no surprise that it wasn't long before this handsome boy was on his way to his forever home in London with Rupert and Carol.



Jasper and his sister Lyra were found wandering in a place renowned for dumping Lurcher pups. They were taken to the local holding kennels, who asked if we could take them in. He was taken in to foster by Dom until he was spotted by James in Norfolk who fell in love with him. He now has a lovely life where he gets lots of walks and he runs free in an enclosed field in the morning with his new found friends.


This lovely Afghan Saluki X girl came to SLR from the Sussex Dog Wardens. Her feathery coat had been clipped, including her whiskers! But it soon grew back again and under the care of her foster family she blossomed. It was no surprise when her fosterer said she wanted to adopt her and she became a permanent resident along with her 5 other pack members. Well done Sal for giving this lovely girl her forever home.


Elvis came in through no fault of his own. His owners had split up and Elvis was being left home alone. He is a Handcock Lurcher, a Collie X Greyhound and the owner was worried he would get into the wrong hands. It wasn't long before Janice and Brian and their family asked to meet Elvis and they clearly couldn't resist this gorgeous pup, and the adoption was agreed. They decided to change his name to Sirius as they didn't want to be heard shouting "Come back Elvis" when they were out with him. Sirius now lives in Cambridgeshire with his very loving family.


This handsome rough coat came into us through a local Dog Warden. He was around 2 years old. He had a bad limp on a hind leg which turned out to be his cruciate ligament. After his operation and enforced restricted exercise he was ready to go off to his new life. Be happy little Leon. xx


Oliver came into the rescue from the Dog Warden in Winchester. He was shy with people but his lovely nature soon shone through. He was with SLR for over a year and spent time in 3 foster homes before finding his forever home with Chris and Jennifer in Devon. They wanted a young friend for their Saluki, Red, and Lurcher, Doc, and when they met Ollie they fell in love with this happy boy. Updates from Chris and Jennifer show that Red and Ollie have become firm friends.


Lenny came into us as a little 12 week pup. He had been injured in a road traffic accident. The nerves in the leg had not responded and the Vet said that it was kinder to amputate the leg. He was fostered with Christine and her 2 female and 1 male Lurchers and soon proved to be a very happy, feisty little man who loves life and has no idea he only has 3 legs. This lovely tripod dog soon caught the attention of Andrew and his family who already had a tripod dog, Badger. They drove all the way from Wales to meet him and fell in love with him straight away. He is now enjoying a wonderful life and his regular updates show that he's grown into a very handsome boy. This was the most difficult foster for Christine to say goodbye to but it was worth it knowing what a great life he has and how much he is loved. xx


Little Emma (around 17" to the shoulder) was previously rehomed to a retired couple. Although they loved her very much they weren't able to give her the walking and exercise that a young puppy needs. Emma loves to run and be with other dogs so when an active family who already had a dog came along it was an ideal match. Emma is now enjoying life camping and caravanning... in fact, wherever the family goes she goes! xx



This lovely girl was saved from a nasty situation by a lady who actually paid for her to get her away. Molly was under 2 years' old when she came into the Rescue. She is a fun girl with a lovely nature a little mischievous but lovable. She has a lovely temperament and soon blossomed in her foster home. She was spotted by her new forever family, Anna and her Dad, and went off to Bristol for her new life. xx


Boa came to us from a sad situation at just 8 months old. His friendly and loving personality showed through from the start and it wasn't long before Robin and Caroline fell in love with him. After losing their much-loved dog, Bob, they were happy to be able to help Boa with a forever home and the new life he deserved - as Robin and Caroline told us, with Boa every day became fun again. xx


Comet (Jet) came to us after he was left in a house when the owners moved out. Neighbours took in him and called us but unfortunately before we got to meet him he got away and was loose for nearly 2 weeks until we managed to catch him. He was friendly and a little submissive when he came to us, but blossomed with the care of his fosterers. He was eventually snapped up by Kerry and Steffan, where he is a much-loved, Good Citizen Award winning, companion for their Lurcher Snoop. xx


Olly was found wandering and had stayed his welcome at holding kennels. We had no fosters spare so Ro took him out to hold onto him until we could find a foster. Luckily for us Linda and Martin stepped in. He settled so well he stayed. xx


Tess had been in holding kennels for some time, on borrowed time and she was so withdrawn. She loved people and loved other dogs and just wanted company. We were contacted and Toni agree to foster in Devon. It wasn't long before she caught the eye of Heidi and family, and Saffy was soon one of a pack.. And loving it. xx


Jasper's owner was unable to take him out and about after a bad fall which affected her walking. He was housebound. The neighbours were kindly taking him for walks but he was very down and withdrawn. Anne and her family offered to foster Jasper. He was a big boy, too big for Anne to want to adopt..... But he wormed his way into her heart and ... yep she adopted him. Jasper is now a much loved and pampered boy xx


We were asked to take this little lad from kennels. He was around 18 months old, very friendly and great with other dogs. It was hard to understand why this lovely, handsome lad was with us for so long, but he eventually found his forever home and is enjoying life with his new doggy companions. xx


Dexter was very loved but his owner was having to leave him home alone for long hours. Dexter hated it and was very depressed. With our help Dexter was rehomed from his own home to his new home and has become an SLR dog for life. He has some lively 2 legs to play with and some great doggie friends to run with. Be happy gorgeous boy xx


Very sadly Tye was bought for his owner on his retirement to look forward to many happy walks together, but tragically his own died. Tye was home alone and although the family dearly wanted to keep him they knew that it was not fair to leave him full-time. Tye came into SLR and it wasn't that long before Tammy saw him. He is now her constant. We think Tye's dad would have approved of Tye having a new family with some lively two legs to run with as he loves children so much. xx


Very sadly Shaun and his house mate Rollie were being left home alone. Their owner was in hospital and could not be released with the dogs to look after. We tried to get them homed together, but in the end had to bring Shaun into SLR and Rollie went to a Collie Rescue. Shaun's foster mum and dad very soon fell under his charm and fell in love with him. Shaun is now number 4 and living very happily on the Isle of Wight. xx


Joey was found abandoned and the future didn't look very good. He had several scars from being attacked. Only a baby he had no chance unless we took him on. One of our members sat back watching his progress and after one failed near adoption Simon and Helen asked if they could try him with their bull x Rosco. Joey has such a lovely nature and is so good with other dogs, he just fitted in xx


Gorgeous Daisy was dumped with a leg wound. Her time was up at holding kennels and she needed some more vet treatment so we brought her in. Daisy also had a belly of worms and was in pain with crystals in her urine. After some much needed TLC from her foster mum Fiona in Hertfordshire Daisy was spotted on the Website by Robert and Liz, who had just lost their beloved dog to epilepsy. Liz says she is good as gold and enjoying cycle rides over to the village park to satisfy her lurcher need for speed! She is now a happy girlie almost by the seaside. xx


Is she a Lurcher? - Well she was a little girlie in need. She was in holding kennels with a snare wound on her back leg. We brought her in and the poor little mite got bitten by an Adder in her foster mum's paddock. Meggie was very poorly, and at one point we thought we may have to amputate her leg, which was the same leg with the snare injury. But with a great Vet at Forest Vets, Eppping, Meggie rallied. Her foster mum, and our Chairperson, Elaine, just couldn't bare to part with her, and Meggie may still need some medical help if the leg gets injured again, so she has stayed in Hertfordshire. xx


Luna was found tied in some woodland with her sister Izzy. She was thin and desperately needed some tlc. Luna also had some seeping warts on her feet so necessitated some surgery which delayed her adoption. Her patient adopters sat waiting for her recovery and she finally went home to be pampered for life with Alan. Have a happy and loved life with Luna xx


Izzy was found tied in some woodland. She was thin and desperately needed worming and some tlc. After a happy few weeks in foster in Hertfordshire, she was seen on our site by Clair. Her little whippet X Jasper desperately wanted a new friend after loosing his soulmate. Friends straight away on meeting, and love at first sight for Clair. And she is very much loved. xx


Gretta was in holding kennels. Matted, smelly and longing for some tlc. We brought her in. She soon adapted and enjoyed life so much with her foster family that she ended up staying. And Alfie, he loves her too xx


India came in through a lady who had adopted her from another Rescue, but that Rescue refused to accept her back. The lady could not cope with India's exuberance. It was obvious there was a collie brain inside this girlie. She went into foster with Keith and Mollie in Dorset. We tried every avenue we could to get her a home, but not being Lurcher enough for most Applicants, and not being Collie enough for most collie people. We didn't know that her future mum and dad were watching her for months on our site. They finally took the plunge and got in touch. They had exactly what she needed, a pack that would put up with her energy, and they loved outdoors agility, running and mindgames. India loves mind games, and now she is loving it. We always say, the right home is out there, they just don't know it yet. For India it was perfect. xx


Grace was lingering in kennels in Ireland. She had been there a year and was depressed. A couple of times a year we are able to take from Celtic Animal Lifelife as they have very similar ethics as ourselves. We agreed to bring in Grace and Rory. Little did we know that Grace was destined to go to her foster mum on the Isle of Wight. She wormed her way into their hearts within weeks, and the rest is history. And Janine is still fostering for us. xx


Rory was in kennels for a year in Ireland, along with Grace above. He was very depressed and so we brought him and Grace over from Celtic Animal Lifelife. A Rescue with very similar ethics to ourselves. I think both these dogs were meant to come over, because Rory too wormed him way into the heart of his foster family and has stayed. They have promised to help with holiday foster cover too xx


Little Hugo was very loved by his relinquishing owner, but not by his brother sibling. She decided that the best way for them both to be happy was to split them and asked SLR to help her rehome Hugo. It got so bad between the boys that we brought him in and a brief foster with Romi, who kindly stepped in to help, meant that we needed another foster home. Keith and Mollie were looking for a small rough coat lurcher and took him in to see how it went. It went... and he stayed. He is such a poppet and goes on all the G.I.N. and S.L.R. walks.xx


Noodles was abandoned and taken in by a Greyhound Rescue. Unfortunately they could not get funding for his neutering etc so asked if we could take him on. He is a lovable rogue, a bit lovable rogue, but does need to have his energy channelled. He was rehomed to a family with young children, and although lovely with the children was protective over his food and was returned. His new Adopter is Lurcher experienced and especially experienced with food guarding issues and has the measure of him. His house mate Milo is laid back and they get on really well. So fingers crossed, all is good xx


Dash was unhappy being left whilst his owners had to work longer hours. They felt awful leaving him and wanted him to be happy so asked if we could help rehome him from his own home. It wasn'tlong before his new mum saw him on the website and now he is happily rehomed in Hampshire. xx


Alice came in with a deformed foot. She had been abandoned after coursing. We had the foot x-rayed at the same time as neutering, but it had been a break some time before and had mended in a way that it was better to leave it than try to alter it. She is a happy girlie. Was happy to change foster homes for holiday cover, but every time we tried to sort out a new home something happened to the Adopters. After some 4.5 months of fostering her we finally found a lovely home, but Christine, her foster mum, could not bear to part with her. So she became number 3 in Christine's pack. And she still smiles. xx


WILLOW was one of 3 pups in a crate with their owner trying to find them homes on the side of a road. The lovely lady who took Willow in for us kept her until we could get a foster home for her. She was soon snapped up and is now having a lovely puppyhood in Surrey with Barry and his wife and their lovely Lurcher and Dachshund. And she is very much loved. xx


Bobbie and Jake were found abandoned. They were all but ferral. They had had very little contact with humans and it was obvious that they were terrified of anyone hovering over them. Bobbie went for fostering with Casey in Essex as it was felt that her 3 young boys and very tolerant border terrier Boris would bring him out of his shell. With a lot of patience and hard work Casey worked on his confidence and the boys played with him, which he loved. Ian and Caroline saw him on the website and instantly wanted to meet him. He now has a big pack family, and is loving life as he should. Little Jake? He is still wating. xx


Oscar was one of 3 pups that were in a crate, and the owner was trying to find homes for them in the street. A kind lady said she would find homes for them and took them home and contacted us. They turned out to be very lovely happy pups. Oscar's adopter contacted us as she wanted a third Lurcher for her other two to play with. It was love at first sight for all and Oscar is now very happily homed in Leicestershire. He is still growing, now only 8 months old, but a beauty. Six months old in the photo attached. xx


Baxter was loved by his dad, but due to a partnership split he would have to leave him for long days at home, which he felt was not the life for this young energetic dog. He asked us to bring Baxter into foster. He wasn't with the Rescue long. Just long enough to neuter him. He is a lovely friendly boy and has gone to live in Gloucestershire with Trudi and family. Thank god he was snapped up as his foster mum Casey was very tempted with this one. Pictured here with her little border terrier Boris. Be happy little Baxter. xx


Little Belle was handed into a holding kennels in Wales as her owner was served with a notice to move if she kept her. She was leaving her full-time and Belle was distraught. At the same time we were trying to get Belle in, one of our Adopters had just lost her much loved whippet and contacted me to see if she could help with fostering. She had no time to say no and Belle was with her within two days. Belle walked in and was immediately at home. Lovely Jacki will never forget her whippet girlie, but Belle has given her some purpose again. And Belle, well what do you think? xx


Ben was rehomed at approximately 5 years old after his racing career ended. His adopter had him for 4 years and then got a small Westie. The two dogs didn't get on and she decided that Ben needed to be rehomed. She asked us to take him. On entry it was found that poor Ben, now 11 had terrible tooth and gum rot. He incurred vet bills of �1600, and the lovely members of SLR and friends of his foster mum raised it. Ben lost half of his teeth and some of his gum and bone. He has not moaned once, has a fantastic nature and now regularly represents our Lurcher Rescue. We thought we would take a bit of stick bringing in a Greyhound to help, but as always SLR Peeps are just the most generous on the planet. Oh... and Ben's foster mum has adopted him. He now has two brothers, and an old greyhound sister on the way xx


Bracken was found abandoned and very weathered and skinny. His Rescuer was allowed to hang onto Bracken whilst we found him a home. It took a few months, but with perserverance, and a lot of love on the part of Michelle who had rescued him, the right home came along. And a friend and family. Bracken is now living the high life, attending horse events with his familiy and loves his new beds!!! xx


Joey was found abandoned and the future didn't look very good. He had several scars from being attacked. Only a baby he had no chance unless we took him on. One of our members sat back watching his progress and after one failed near adoption Simon and Helen asked if they could try him with their bull x Rosco. Joey has such a lovely nature and is so good with other dogs, he just fitted in xx


Molly was going to be adopted by her foster home, but as the weeks went on Molly got more boisterous and they felt that they were not the home for her. We moved Molly to a new foster home where she would have the New Forest to explore Lesley and her husband were closely watching Molly's thread and knew that their Alfie needed a playmate who would give him some Lurcher play. They travelled down over 150 miles to visit Molly, and instantly fell in love with her. Their garden says "help", but one year on she is so well loved xx


We got a phone call to ask us to help get a little whippet x away from a situation where she was living mainly in the garden, under a porch and was not getting out and being tormented by the children of the family. A kindly neighbour met us at a Service station to bring her in. Poppy had issues, was an escapologist, and was food guarding and separation anxiety. She had three foster homes and then we moved her to her fourth foster home. Poppy took to the two bitches in the familiy so well, she settled in and soon started going off lead. She is still a work in progress, but her foster family love her so much they have adopted her. Their second SLR doglet. She is secured a lovely forever future with lovexx


Louie came into the Rescue from his own home, his third home. The family with very young children found his exuberance too much for them and we wasn't getting out to have off lead fun, so was bouncing off the walls. One of our experienced fosters, Fran, took him in and he had a ball on the Isle of Wight. Fran nearly kept this one, very loving and very much an all round lovely boy, but an application came in that she had to follow through. Fran brought him all the way up to Hertfordshire to meet up with Han and her lovely two Lurchers, and it was love at first sight. He is now very happy and a credit to his new mum and dad. xx


When this lovely Saluki X first came into our care, it was clear that she had been straying for a long time. Underweight, injured and frightened; she was even afraid to eat at first. But after a few days with experienced fosterers, Saffie emerged as a loving, loyal, playful and, just occasionally, naughty little doglet. She was rehomed to a lovely family where she soon adored being the centre of attention as only a Saluki can. xx


Patches was a very lucky pup. At around 8 months old a lad was offered him whilst out walking. Some other lads were trying to offload him, and he paid them everything in his pocket to get him off them. Hi mum then rang us to see if we could take him in. Patches wasn't with Sally long as Debs had seen him on the website, and it was love at first sight. From rough to comfort forever, and he is so loved xxx


Little Robin was one of eight pups that had been found in two cardboar boxes. They had suspected parvo-virus, and at the least gasto enteritis and were in a bit of a state. The Vets rang and asked if we could take them on if they pullled through. Six pulled through and 5 now have happy homes. xxx


Worzel was found wandering in Essex and did his time. We was very depressed in kennels and they asked if we could bring him in. Sarah in Hampshire responded, not even knowing he was cat friendly, but took the chance. He is still a work in progress with Lola the cat, but there is no mallice, and Sarah decided that he was already home. xx


Nellie, only a young pup was found wandering in Essex. She spent some time in holding kennels but they felt that they would not find her the right home and asked us to take her. She is a lovely friendly girlie who just oozes love. Leena and Tony saw her and we think it was love at first sight. Their lovely little rough coat Bob thought so too. Be happy little lady, you are just gorgeous. xxx


Bonnie was in a mixed holding/rescue kennels and as the kennels were full of poor staffies, they contacted us and asked if we could help her. Carly has a wonderful nature and we knew that she would easily find the right home. Denise and family were looking for a dog to have fun with and walk with and one visit told them that Carly was the one for them. It was her foster mum's first foster, a real heartbreaker, but she knew it was the right home. xxx


Bonnie was in a mixed holding/rescue kennels and not coping very well in a kennel environment. The kennels contacted us and asked if we could help her. We had had an enquiry from a lovely couple in Hampshire, who were looking for a second dog, so we asked if they could foster with a view to keeping her. She was timid, closed down and needed a lot of tlc. She found it, and she is now a happpy and very much loved member of the family. And SLR have found themselves some lovely helpers for the Rescue. xxx


Hermy was found wandering. He has terrible scaring to his face, possibly from an untreated skin infection, the hair has died off. He was so shut down and there was no interest in him at the holding kennels. We were asked to bring him in as he was so unhappy. He went into foster with Helen and her two lovely whippet x lurchers who gave him love and fun. He soon found a loving home in Hampshire, a family who could see past the scars and help to heal his unseen scars in life. Be happy Hermy, lovely boy. xxx


Bryn was in Celtic Animal Life, a lovely Irish Rescue who campaign of animal welfare and rights. He waited patiently for us to have a slot once we had dealt with any dogs over here coming in and finally came to our foster home with Janine on the Isle of Wight. Bryn is a lovely laid back whippet lurcher who could fit in anywhere. His foster mum was so in love with him, but new if she kept him she couldn't help with fostering. A lovely family matched up with him, and he really loved little people so that was good, they had two. Now Bryn has his perfect family. He is one amazing little hound. xxx


Cocoa had been bought for a bit of rabbiting as a young pup. But instead her owner found that they didn't have the time to train her and she was being left for long hours in a crate. She was not getting the exercise or attention that she needed and they asked if we could take her on. Elaine and Bruce, already had 2 SLR doglets, and took Cocoa in for fostering. The fosters failed, as it was love and she just fitted in so well with the pack. We think she is a daddy's girl. She is a very lucky one xxx


Little Evie was unwanted and spent most of her little life outside. Her owner then decided to let her go into Rescue. Evie wasnt with us long and had so many applicants that we had to close the list. But despite opening the list again we still couldn't find just the right home. And then along came Marilyn, and she had just what Evie wanted. Love and security and another dog to befriend. The rest is history. xxx


This gorgeous boy was in kennels for 3 weeks before coming into the Rescue. His owner had gone into hospital long term and it was thought that she would not return home for many months. No-one in the family could look after him so they made the sad decision to re-home him. He had a lovely time in his foster home with Tina and Graham, and was spotted by Kevin and Danielle. He is now having a lovely life in W. Sussex xxx


Connor's dad had to work long hours and Connor was being left more and more alone. He couldn't bear to see him so lonely and at 7 years old wanted to make sure that he had some fun and love in his life. His circumstances had changed and he couldn't give him the life he had before. We advertised Connor from his own home and along came lovely John and Marie. One visit and Connor was home. We are waiting for a new update photo and will put it on when it arrives. xxx


Little Rosie was found in a terrible condition by a lovely lady who nursed her back to health. She couldn't keep Rosie so asked us to take her on. She is full of energy, loving and a very lovable little Lurcher girl. Unbelievably Fran had had her for 4 months before she got just the right application. That was thanks to one of our lovely forum members, who had adopted an SLR doglet herself. She knew the couple who applied and said that it was just what Rosie needed. And it was. It was love at first sight for Pat and her partner Michael. I just love the second photos. Says it all. Be happy gorgeous girlie. Anne xxx


Little NormaJ, now named Leah was rescued by a lovely lady and her husband who had found her in a terrible condition with dermodex mange. They nursed her back to health, but knew that they couldn't keep her as they worked long hours and it wasn't fair to her. We brought her in for fostering with Rachel and Chris and their little Lurchers girls and she came on leaps and bounds. Jill and Tim saw her and asked if they could visit with Vasu. A homecheck and a meeting later and little Leah was on her way home with lovely Vasu to meet up with their elderly Weimeraner Tilla. Leah was just what Vasu needed,a playmate. She still has a way to go to eradicate completely the Dermodex manage, but she is getting


Daisy had come into the Rescue with her daughter Skye, and both were rehomed separately. Daisy could not settle in the first home, and then the second home she was still unsettled, and just as we were about to bring her back into the Rescue John and Kay asked if they could give her a foster home and see how it went. Well all we can say is that they were a match made in heaven. She now looks 6 instead of 10 and loves her mum and dad, and her new best friend is the moggy. After having had 2 fosters and two homes this little gorgeous lady has landed quite firmly on her


Hope, now named Poppy came into SLR in a terrible state. She was so emaciated that her body had started to absorb her muscle for her to live. She went into foster with Donna and Mark who worked their magic and some 4 months later John and his wife Rosemary visited with their SLR adoptee Lily, who just clicked with Hope. After a couple of visits and a week together Lily and Hope have decided that they like each other. Hope is


Christina kindly collected Buddy from kennels and transported him on to Sara, her family and three other hounds. Buddy was very thin, scared and craving reassurance when he first arrived with Sara, but very quickly Sara realised that Buddy was an exceptionally easy going, happy boy who fitted in perfectly with the other three. After a few tentative requests to rehome Buddy Sara realised that she could not let Buddy go and made the decision to change his temporary home with her and her family to a forever


Tilly arrived from holding kennels in August 2010. Beautiful, black a little nervous and with a worried expression on her face. After five or six days she started to blossom and enjoy her foster home with Richard, Nicola and their two lurchers. It wasn't long before she was spotted on the forum by Jemma. Following a successful home check Tilly was off to her forever home close to the canal at Regents Park, with an excited Jemma,


Tess and her mum Kez arrived into SLR care as the family they were living with were leaving them outside for long periods of time and both dogs were getting very distressed. Both quickly settled in with foster mum Sara. Tess being the more confident was very quickly rehomed and settled in quickly with Linda, Martin and their two dogs. Kez being the slightly more nervous, took a little longer to rehome.


Gorgeous adorable Beanie was a very much loved girlie. She was rescued by her relinquishing owner who had nursed her back to health. But circumstances in her life changed and she felt it was cruel to keep Beanie if she had to leave her alone day in day out, so asked us to take her in. Beanie received so many applications we had to close the list and one lovely couple stood out above all. She has settled in nicely and is now a well loved member of the family. xx


Handsome, Billy was in kennels awaiting his fate when SLR stepped in rescued him. He went to live with fosterers Elaine and Bruce in Hertfordshire. After less than two weeks they fell in love with this big, black, shiny, happy boy and as he fitted in so well with their other 4 lurchers they asked if they could keep him. Billy is now happily living in the countryside with his three lurcher sisters and big brother Alfie.


Poor little Percy was rehomed through a mixed Rescue, but it wasn't quite the right home for a little Lurcher boy who just wanted to have fun. His adopters agreed and with permission of the mixed Rescue Percy came into SLR for rehoming. It wasn't long before his new family saw him and fell instantly in love with his puppylike charms. And yep, they are smitten. xx


Poor little Gracie was found tied up in a family's alleyway. She had terrible Dermodex Mange and was thin and filthy. The family arranged for her to go to a local rescue and immediately phoned us to see if we could then take her in. The family liased between the kennels and SLR to make sure that Gracie got out. We only had one spare place on the Isle of Wight and so poor little one had to travel the 3 hour journey and ferry to get to her foster home. Fran did wonders with her and Gracie was soon getting fitter and fatter. We had already rehomed the lovely Vinne to a loving couple on the Island and it was just fate the day that they all met up for a walk with Gracie. Love for Vinnie too. Gracie, well see for yourself. She is totally totally gorgeous. And we know it was hard to let this one go Fran. xxx


Esther came in through holding kennels. She has clearly been taken away from her pups too early and not weaned off them, and had terrible mastitis. She had to stay a little bit longer with her foster mum, and she weedled her way into her heart. Just as all good Lurcher girls do!!! From concrete to couch. Gorgeous. You can see the love. xx


Womble came in through a member of the public, a lovely lady who took him out of holding kennels and looked after him until we could get him into the Rescue. She would dearly have kept him but realised that working and lurcher pups don't go together. Womble came into his lovely foster home in St. Albans with Rowan and Hannah and family and lost all that puppy fluff and became stunning. They then had to go on holiday and asked Julie to foster him.... another failure.... Julie fell instantly in love with him, and so did their lovely dog Iggy... so Womble stayed. We are all dying to see how he grows, because he is just stunning xx


Lottie sadly came into us from her own home. She was said to be dominant and did not get on with the other dogs in the home, so they reluctantly decided to give her into Rescue. She had not been socialized very much, being kept away from the other family dogs, and needed a bit of TLC on her coat and nails. She took a few months to be able to socialize with other dogs and Keith and Mollie, her foster family were wonderful with her. She became confident, built up relationships with other dogs and was content to potter around off-lead. We were very fussy about where Lottie would be going and turned down some 10 home offers for her and then along came Dawn and family. Lottie had to learn to live with their cat, and it is still a work in progress with meeting strange men, but the look on Lottie's face says it all. She is one gorgeous girlie and very much loved in her Essex home. Be happy beautiful girlie. xx


Cracker was with the Rescue for several months. He came in originally from holding kennels and no-one knows how, but he contracted blood poisoning from a tiny wound. It was equivalent to MRSA in humans, in that the whole of his leg and front chest was infected, became swollen and opened up. We thought we were going to have to have his leg amputated. The Rescue had to raise 6,500 pounds for his Hospitalisation and vet costs, but with a lot of wonderful Vets on board, including SLR Vet Aly, and some dedicated fostering/nursing from his foster parents along the way, Cracker gradually recovered. He is now so beautiful and so happy with his new mum Annie. He has a lovely home by the sea. Be happy Cracker. You have a very apt name, because you are xx


We were contacted by a dog warden who had taken in a tiny weeny pup. Saluki X. He was in holding kennels, and she needed to get him into a foster home so he could be weaned properly. We hadn't a foster place at the time but Sue came forward to foster him. It was only meant to be a temporary thing..... only temporary? Tell Sue that. Over the course of the next couple of weeks Siri had decided that he was a permanent resident, but he was just waiting for Sue to realise it. We didn't bother pushing him very hard, as we all knew what the outcome had to be. Yep... he's home. xx


Archie, then named Lurchie had a loving home, but they couldn't dedicate enough time to this exhuberant young lurcher boy. They had adopted him from a mixed Rescue and hadn't realised how much they need to have like-minded dogs to play with. They asked us to re-home Lurchie and we duly brought him into foster with Rachel and Dave. I think you can say the rest is history. He wormed his way into their hearts and their home in days and became their very much loved Archie. He has always known love and his transition was made so much easier by the continuation of a loving home. xx


Molly came in from holding kennels in season. Luckily we had Jodie available in Essex who was prepared to take her in and had the pants to fit!! Poor Molly had to wear pants for a week, but all was well. She blossomed under Jodie's care and finally a lovely family in Kent, with their lurcher Jack visited our website and saw her. Love at first meeting, especially between Jack and Pino, and she was off to happy endings. Be happy beautiful girlie. xx


Kim was in a holding kennels in Hampshire and no Rescues could take her in. We were full, so put out a final plea, and Nick and Angie came forward to take her on. Nick even drove all the way over from Gloucestershire to collect her. As soon as she came out of the kennel she wagged and jumped up Nick as if he was an old friend. She quickly settled into their pack and blossomed. This was a long foster. Nick and Angie put a lot of love and hard work into her recouperation, and finally a lovely couple in Essex saw her. They had a lonely Kim lookalike in the form of Jack, who was just itching for a fun-loving friend to run around with. Love at first sight for the dogs and for the humans. We are so happy for them, and just have so much respect for fosters who fosters for months and have the courage to let them go to their new homes. xxxxx


Goody came in from a Vets through a holding kennels. They felt him to be such a lovely dog that they didn't want to put him down, but he had a break in his front leg that would need a few weeks to recover and vet treatment. We brought him in, and true to their word, Goodby was just that, a real Goodby. A family we had rehomed a little rough coat bitch to phoned me a few weeks later to say that their old boy had died and that they needed to find a special friend, and were prepared to wait. I asked them if they would like to come and meet Goodby as I thought he would fit in with Mini. It was love at first sight. This family took Goody, now Huge, back 30 miles each way each week for cast changes and, well, you can see how happy they all are. Goody came to see me a few weeks back, and he is just gorgeous. Be happy gorgeous little man. xxx


We had a call from a family who had bought an 8 week old pup two weeks before, but found that their daughter was allergic to it. They had to get it out of the house quickly. Luckily we had a foster close by who could do a respite and then a foster who could take over in a week. Little Dash went to his new foster the following week, expecting to be rehomed. And we was. His foster mum had fallen in lovely with him and just culdn't bear to part with him. Dash had two playmates and a loving home. Result. xxx


Tiny little Hazel was taken in by her lovely Irish Rescuers. They neutered her, vaccinated her and then asked if we could take her in over here to find her a loving home. My, she is gorgeous. She has now found a loving home where she can be spoilt rotten. One beautiful little doglet. xxx


Laddie was taken in by a wonderful Rescue in Ireland, who sorted out his sores and got him back to health. They knew it would be hard to find him a home in Ireland so asked if we could take him over here. Laddie came into Wiltshire for fostering, and his fosterer could not bear to part with him, so Laddie stayed for the family who had nurtured him since his arrival. Be happy little man, be loved xxx


Little Jasper was in a holding kennels in Kent. Found wandering the streets and only around 5/6 months old. He didn't have an ounce of baggage. Was loving, bouncy and loyal. After going into foster he was soon having applications in. One family fell for his charms, but then backed out, only to find that they had panicked about having a Pup and changed their minds. Jasper is now a very happy family boy, and loving it. xxx


Loki was his relinquishing carers son's dog. He left him with her and didn't come back for him. Last Winter, as a pensioner she found it hard to go out for walks with Loki as the conditions made it dangerous for her to walk. She was pulled over and had to admit that she wouldn't be able to do another winter. But she loved Loki to bits, had trained him, found him to be a loving and loyal friend. She wanted the best for him and felt that if she could be part of the rehoming process we would find him the best possible home. It took some months, but along came his Angel. Sara saw his photo and fell in love. And Loki met Sara and fell in love too. The rest is history. This is one gorgeous big boy with a big heart and a loving home. xxx


Little Widget was handed into a mixed Rescue, along with his siblings. He was then rehomed but returned, the Adopters saying that he was plain and dull! We were asked to take him in as there was no interest. So at 12 weeks old little Plain and Dull came into us. He was soon seen by one of our Rescue Forum members, who had fallen totally in love with his dappled feet, cute face and gorgeous eyes. He now has two playmates and a loving home where he can run on the beaches and cuddle on the sofas. Plain and dull, never. xxx


Rocky, 10 years young, had been with his Rescuer since 2 years old. She was then forced into a Housing Association house and wasn't able to take him with her. They loved Rocky to bits and asked if we could take him into foster to find him his new forever home. A very emotional parting showed that he was loved. Rocky settled really well in the Rescue, and then one day caught the eye of a lovely family in Hampshire. Rocky is cat friendly and they felt he would fit in just right. I he did. Rocky loves his walks, but doesn't do stiles, so the last walk was carried over each of them!!! But would they swop him?... Not on your Nelly, Rocky is home! xxx


Little Elfie was pulled off the streets in an appauling condition. She was so thin that her body had started to absorb her muscle tone to keep her alive. She was at death's door. The holding kennels asked us to take her and we immediately went to pick her up. Donna, her foster mum, was shocked and cried when she saw the pitiful state that Elfie was in. She had a lovely nature and someone had clearly abused that trust. It took several weeks of careful nutrition and build-up before little Elfie was ready for rehoming. A tearful parting for Donna and Mark, who had nurtured her, but a happy day for her new mum and dad. Has she blossomed? You bet she has. Elfie won Best in Show at a Dog Show at the weekend. Stunning, loving, funny and happy xxx


Little Kirk didn't have a chance in holding kennels. His time was up and he was now on borrowed time. The Rescue was full to capacity but one last appeal to anyone brought forward his lovely foster family. Little Kirk was transported up to his new foster family, who were amazed at how small he was. Small, but gorgeous. Little little chap has so much character and just fitted in lovely with is foster home. A phone call a week later went like this "I can't let him go, he is just one of the family, and I would worry about him and what he gets up to and so can I keep him". The deed was done and Kirk has become a very loved member of the family. Did we mention how gorgeous he is? xxx


Jake was big and black and in holding kennels. He stood no chance of finding a home if he went to a mixed Rescue so the local Dog Warden asked us if we could take him on. He was said to be friendly. And he was. Jake has a beautiful nature, and as big as he was, was an Angel. Surprisingly, very quickly a family saw him on our website and it was love. Jake has a lovely family, and we think he looks a very happy and loved boy. xxx


Monty was in holding kennels in the North of Essex. He had a few nicks on him, and was full of worms, but otherwise okay. But it was obvious that he needed out of holding kennels. He would pace and pace, so they contacted us to see if we could take him on. A good 140 miles later Monty was delivered to his Dorset foster home. After a couple of weeks of some good meals and tlc and patience he settled into a routine. It's still on-going with his separation anxiety, but things are looking better for Monty, as his foster dad decided that he couldn't possibly part with him and offered him his forever home. And he is well


Simba was given into a mixed Rescue from an owner who said he couldn't keep him as he was a failure at working! His temperament is superb and hs is a lovable chap. Simba came into foster in Dorset where he had a lovely time in the sea and on the beach. He blossomed and it wasn't long before the applications started coming in. We turned down 4 and then along came the perfect home for him. He has now swopped the beach in Dorset for the countryside and beaches of Suffolk and a very happy chappie he


Toffee was taken from an abusive situation by a Dog Warden. There was nowhere to put him so he spent a few days in holding kennels, but in the office with the Staff. The Dog Warden phoned and asked if we could take him on and luckily for the little chap one of our Trustees Sioux took him in. It wasn't more than a couple of weeks before he was rehomed and is having a blast with his new adoptive family. He's growing fast and has brought so much love to them. xx


Billy had been in holding kennels for a good few weeks, but being a big boy and not Lurchery enough for some Lurcher people and not collie enough for some collie people he was over-looked. The holding kennels knew that he was an absolute gent and asked us to take him in. We managed to get him a foster in Hertfordshire with 5 other Lurchers, a Donkey and Horse and a lovely foster family. Billy walked in, wagged and licked everyone and and calmly laid down on one o fthe beds and smiled. He was home. He wasn't wrong. Just a few days later our Foster family rang to say that they couldn't possibly think of re-homing Billy as he was just one of the family now. And having met him several times, I can see why. He is just gorgeous. Be happy Billy and see you soon xx


Sadly Rory was sold to his previous owner by Travellers. They were going to dispose of him so the man took him on. He himself was not well, but didn't want to see Rory in the hands of such uncaring people. He looked after Rory and gave him his confidence back, but then had to be hospitalised and so rang us to take Rory on. Rory is the loveliest of dogs. A real gentle Lurcher who loves everyone and gets on with every dog. Poor Rory had to have two foster homes before his forever home could be found. A lovely couple who really would have wanted a younger dog, but we convinced them that the match for them and for their bitch was a good one, and on meeting Rory they too fell instantly in love with him. Rory has had a lovely Christmas and has really fallen on his feet with doting adopters and his own big sister who loves him to bits. Rory, you truly are a gent and we are so happy that your forever home finally came. You had the best foster home we could get any dog, but now you are home, and forever xxxx


Ripley was bred for sale, but was the last of a litter that they could not find a home for. At the age of 12 weeks the Breeders decided to ask their local dog rescue to help find him a home. They contacted us. Unbelievably Ripley stayed with us nearly 13 weeks before his adopters came onto the site and fell in love with him. With some help of a lovely Dog Warden who did their homecheck for us Ripley was finally re-homed with his forever home, and their lovely family and lovely Rhodesian Ridgeback. Ripley is so loved and so happy. We miss you Ripper, but we get to read the local newspaper now!.. Be happy gorgeous gorgeous baby. xxxx


Little Anna and her brother Jasper, were part of a litter taken in in Ireland. The Breeder's bitch had got with the wrong dog and they didn't want to keep the litter. They were going to have them put down but the Irish Rescue said they would take them and then asked us to take a couple. Poor little ones had tummy upsets for a couple of weeks, but once sorted they thrived. It wasn't long before both Jasper and Anna were offered their forever homes. Anna was fostered by lovely Judy and Norms in Essex with their two Lurchers, and she had a lovely time. Anna went to live with big brother and her new family in the country. xx


Little Jasper and his sister Anna, were part of a litter taken in in Ireland. The Breeder's bitch had got with the wrong dog and they didn't want to keep the litter. They were going to have them put down but the Irish Rescue said they would take them and then asked us to take a couple. Poor little ones had tummy upsets for a couple of weeks, but once sorted they thrived. It wasn't long before both Jasper and Anna were offered their forever homes. Jasper was fostered by lovely Kate in Hampshire and he had a blast. Lucky little fellow went to live with his lovely new family in the country. xx


The first picture of Lizzie is a few weeks after she was taken into holding kennels as a stray. The R.S.P.C.A. would have prosecuted if they could have found her previous owners. She came into our care as the holding kennels couldn't find her a Rescue space and she was on borrowed time. She soon settled with her wonderful foster family in Dorset and it was only a few weeks before there was interest in Lizzie. Lizzie went to meet her new family and everything seemed perfect, but the family felt that she was too O.T.T. for their current older Lurcher and so Lizzie had to come back into the Rescue. We had just home-checked a young family who had enquired about Lizzie, and so we asked them if they would be willing to foster her and see how it went. An email came in the day after she arrived on their doorstep, and Lizzie was adopted. They couldn't even think of parting with her. She's a very happy little soul now. xx


George was only 10 weeks old and in holding kennels and due to be Put to Sleep. One of the Rescues workers up North contacted us and asked us to help him. Luckily I was walking with one of our Adopters and her two Lurchers and told her the phone message. She phoned me when I got home and said they would foster, their first foster for us. George was transported, thanks to a great team of volunteers and arrived in the early evening, smelly and with a belly full of worms, but very lovable and happy to be here. It wasn't more than a couple of weeks before we were inundated with enquiries but one stood out. A home in the New Forest with other dogs around and a lovely family. The rest is history. George has cost them a fair zhare of slippers, but what little price is that for such a loving little doglet. xx


Little Roxy was in a mixed Rescue, who thought that they had found her the right home, but two days with them and they had left her several hours and wondered why she got separation anxiety. They took her back, so the mixed Rescue asked us if we could take her on. She was only a baby and so went into foster with Richard, Nic and their two Lurchers. She had a blast and came out of her shell. Her puppyhood came back and she thrived. One family came to see her, but she wouldn't entertain them. She would have gone as an only dog and it didn't look like she would find her family any time soon. Then a lovely family asked one of our volunteers about re-homing a Rescue Lurcher and looked on our site. It was certainly love at first sight when they travelled the 130 miles up to Essex to meet her and take her home. She now has a beautiful big saluki brother to play with and show her the ropes. She's unloaded her baggage and is doing fine. Be happy little Roxy. xx


Oscar was abandoned, had cuts, a badly cut leg and was very matted. He needed some real tlc which he soon got from his foster mum. He must have been confined in his short life because his back legs were stiff, but with some gentle on-lead exercise and stretching out on cosy beds he soon unfolded. We had a lot of interest in Oscar, but we had to get it right. This little man had already been through enough, and it was obvious that he needed another dog in his life. Along came lovely Glen and Rob and their gorgeous dog TJ. One very happy dog ever after. xx


Sadly Sunny came back into the Rescue after his Adoptive mum felt that he wasn't happy with them. She felt it better that Sunny come back into us. The foster family of Sunny gladly took him back in and he once again blossomed. So, when another lovely lady came along we were very cautious and took it slowly, but she had read his thread and felt that he and her lovely dog Holly would get along like two peas in a pod. And she was right! Holly loved Sunny and Sunny loved Holly and he has lost some years along the way and is running around with his new sister. And he has his sofa, and if you knew Sunny, you would know that a Sofa is the most important thing in his life. How can a Lurcher Lurch without one. Happy days Sunny, gorgeous. xx


Ben was abandoned in Ireland. He was terribly thin and didn't have a chance of a decent home, so the Irish Rescue asked us to take him along with little Penny. Poor Ben had a poorly stomach when he arrived, which took some sorting, and he lost a little more weight before he began to get better. But he had a great foster mum in christine and after a few weeks was ready for his forever home. And now.... well just look. Ben has a big sister and is having a blast with his lovely new family. Way to go little man. We all loves you xx


Cassie was much loved by her owner, but when she died the family realised that they couldn't give her the life that she deserved. She was suffering from separation anxiety and not getting out and about as much as she needed. They contacted us and we helped them to rehome Cassie into her wonderful new home with Lyn. She has a big sister to cuddle up to too. It wasn't plain sailing at first, but with some tlc and patience Cassie has settled very well into her new forever home.xx


Little Penny was found wandering in Ireland. She didn't stand a chance of a comfy sofa in the area she was, so her Irish Rescue asked us to take her on board. She came over with Ben and arrived in the early hours of the morning. Spending a few weeks in foster with Kate in Hampshire, one of Kate's acquaintances fell in love with her. After a few visits from them and the famiily Boxer Cookie, the family were totally smitten. Beautiful little Penny is now so happy and so loved.xx


Mia was one of the 8 pups born to Jessie in January 2010. Mia's mum had taken Mia and sister pup Eva for fostering Oh dear, it was inevitable. Just Christina's type of puplet. She was home, so little Mia now lives with forum member Christina in sunny Surrey. She is another beautiful lurcher girlie. Six months old in the second photos.xx


Freya was one of the 8 pups born to Jessie in January 2010. Freya's mum was fostering two of the pups for us but we knew that she had already fallen in love with Freya. So, one went and one stayed. She is naughty but lovely (in her mum's own words) and it is lovely to be able to follow yet another one of Jessie's pups through her life. Six months old in the second photos.xx

Jenny - now Eva

Jenny, now Eva, was one of the 8 pups born to Jessie in January 2010. Eva's mum had bumped into our Christina, who was fostering two of the ups and asked her if any were available. Living just round the corner from Christina, it was easy to homecheck her. Love at first sight again.She is growing up into a beautiful lurcher girlie. Six months old in the second photos.xx

Phoebe - now Molly

Molly was one of the 8 pups born to Jessie in January 2010. Molly's mum had already adopted lovely Masey from us last year as a puppy and just fell in love with her picture when she looked on the website, in the hope of finding another friend for Masey to replace their loved old lurcher who had just died.She is growing up into a beautiful lurcher girlie, and I think you will agree that she is a good match for Masey. I feel a lot more rosettes coming their way. Six months old in the second photos.xx

Marley - now Dodger

Marley was one of the pups born to Jessie in January 2010. Dodger's mum had applied to us in October 2009 and was waiting patiently for the right little one to come along. The only boy in the litter. A rare occurrence. Marley is a one off spcial and was a very cossetted little man in the foster household. 3 months old in the second photos.xx

Shayla - now Lottie

Lottie was one of the 8 pups born to Jessie in January 2010. Lottie's mum had enquired about, not necessarily a pup, but a young dog. But once seen, Lottie could not be forgotten.Lottie is a little live-wire, but they are getting there. And her mum has learnt an awful lot about Lurcher pups in a very short time. Lottie is beautiful. Six months old in the second photos.xx


One of the saddest and happiest re-homings this year. Jessie came into us via a Dog Warden. She had been in holding kennels for 7 days and was heavily pregnant. She had to be moved on that day as it would have been too late to move her otherwise and the holding kennels didn't have facilities to have pups. She would have had to go into kennels in a mixed Rescue. Thanks to a hardworking team of volunteers at SLR Jessie came up to me in Essex, just 5 days before the birth of her pups. The lounge was changed into a puppy area, and a whelping box made from a couple of huge box lids. She arrived, bedraggled and hand-shy and very scared of being presented with 6 resident dogs. But once she had a bath and some lovely cooked chicken she started to bring her tail out and come to us for treats. I spent the next four days sleeping downstairs with her. This was the first litter for SLR and we set up a 24 hour webcamera so that members could pop in and see how things were going. Sadly we were also going through the last days of life for our old saluki cross girlie, and it was a very emotional day that we had to take her to be put down and then come home to a very quiet and sad house. But the pups were determined to come the next day and there was no time to grieve. Jessie had started to trust us and our old whippet Esme got into the bed with her and snuggled with her until the day of the pups. It took poor Jessie 8 hours to get all 8 pups out, and touch and go with the last one, but they all survived. Jessie was very grateful and cuddled up to me and we kissed. I will always remember how she looked at me for help when the first pup started coming, and the bond that was instant between us then. All pups as you can see in their rehomings were beautiful saluki x pups, and all much bigger than little mum Jessie. All pups went to their forever homes, 3 of them being kept by fosters!!, and there was just Jess to re-home. No-one applied for her. We had her for another 11 weeks, she was neutered and life just plodded along. Then a family who had adopted one of last year's litter of pups we took in asked if there was any interest in Jessie. We took Jess round to meet them and walk with their dogs and it was love. It was taken gradually in handing over Jess as she had by then been with us some time, so an afternoon with them and then an over-night. We didn't have to worry, she was happy with them and as they are very local we can get to see her often. She has blossomed into a beautiful little Lurcher. Jess will never be forgotten in this house, and there will always be a bond. Be happy wonderful little mum. With much love xx


Elly was one of the 8 pups born to Jessie in January 2010. Elly sent off for fostering at 6 weeks old to Hampshire and didn't move an inch. Her foster family love her very much and she is now part of their own family. And we get to see the antics of Ellypup regularly. Six months old in the second photos.xx


Gracie was one of the 8 pups born to Jessie in January 2010. Gracie has a lovely home with lots of doggie friends and children to play with. Her adopted family keep in touch and it is lovely to see her growing into a beautiful young lady. Six months old in this picture.xx

Scruff - now Bohdi

Scruff's mum felt so awful that he was spending most of his time in their little courtyard that she contacted us and asked us to re-home him. He went into foster care in Hampshire, and hasn't left there since. His foster family couldn't bare to part with him. Now named Bohdi, he is having the life of Riley. xx


Little Lola, now Molly was picked up as a very young pup in such a bad state. Abandoned after a horse fair, tied up. She had dermodex mange. Her Irish Rescue, who are a wonderful rescue contacted us to give her the best chance of a new start. We duly arrived, much better after her Irish Rescue tlc, and just a few more mange baths and she was looking wonderful. We had been contacted by a lovely couple for another dog that we had, but we needed to rehome him earlier than they could manage. It was meant to be, because one look at her new dad and she was in love. She lives quite close to the rescue and Mimsmum has visited her again. She is the most adorable poppet, who is spoilt rotten, and why not. She is the best little whippie girlie in the world. xx


Eddie had a loving home and a mum who agonised before ringing us for help. Although a wonderful hound he had a chase instinct that was just too much for the home surroundings he had been in. It was his 2nd home, or possibly third home, having been handed over at a halfway point to her. She had perservered but the chase instinct with all the wildlife around was just too much to make it safe to let him off. A lovely couple who already had a lovely lurcher bitch saw his plight and offered him a home by the sea. Wonderful. Eddie is now in his element with his new family and enjoying splashing in the waves.. xx


Ianto was picked up near a rifle range and taken into mixed rescue where he kept little Amy company for a few weeks. The rescue contacted us and how could we resist those ears! He and Amy had formed a friendship so they went into foster together in Hertfordshire with Viv and John. Ianto is a typical naughty young lurcher pup and his new mum and his new sister lurcher are having fun gettting to grips with him. But he has a lot of love to give and will get there. It may take a while though!! But you have to love such a stunning boy. xx


Amy had been in a mixed rescue for over 7 months and was getting more and more depressed in kennels. The mixed rescue took in a young dog and put him in with her which settled a little. We were asked to take them both on which we couldn't refuse as they were, in our opinion, lovely dogs. They both went to foster together with our experienced fosterers John and Viv in Hertfordshire and it wasn't long before someone on a walk just had to ask about her. It was love at first sight and the rest is history. Amy is so well loved and has a brother lurcher for company and play. xx


Maisie was found wandering in Essex. She had been worked at such a young age and had some scars. She was nervous and it was quite a while before she blossomed. Hence, she was rehomed and came back again and this time into foster with one of our members Andrew, whose dog Max turned her around. She is now a lovely hound and incredibly faithful. I'm sure you will agree that the ugly ducking really grew up into a beautiful swan. xx


Brindie is an absolute angel of a dog. Unbelievably just found straying and no-one claimed her. She has a wonderful temperament. Fitted in really well with her foster home. She then had so many applications we found it hard to choose the home for her, but in the end a lovely family came to visit and the decision was made. All who met Brindie fell in love with her and her foster mums, firstly Jayne for her first few weeks and they Laylah as Jayne had a holiday booked, both found it hard to give her up. But a lovely happy ending. xx


Mickey had already been rehomed by us and it didn't work out with the dynamics of the resident dog and Mickey. Mickey has tonnes of energy but tonnes of love to give too. He is a stunning looking boy and a fun loving one. A family came along with their two children to one of our fundraisers. They had been homechecked but wanted to come and meet the team. Mickey was at the fundraiser, and it was instant love. Mickey now has two great children to play with and a very understanding mum who is working through his little foibles. Happy forever Mickey. You lovely boy. xx.


We were contacted by Genie's Irish Rescuers to bring her over here to give her the best possible start in the rest of her life. You can see the horrific injuries that she had when she arrived in her Irish Rescue. Genie came over, hopefully to her new home, but the prospective adopters could not see her fitting in with their pack. Laura saved the day and offered to foster her for us. Once she met her and took her home, there was no way that Genie was going to leave her. She has a lovely sister China to play with and fun all the way.xx.


Moss was a very loved dog but her owner could not longer get around, and had to move to a small bungalow. It was felt that Moss would be very unhappy and so she was rehomed within the family. Alas the terrier already in the family unit had other ideas and so Moss came into SLR. One of our members on the forum mentioned her to her brother and the rest is history. Moss loves her new family, and is doing well in her new homexx.


We got a phone call from a lovely lady who had taken in Lilypup from the dog warden. Lilypup being such a young girlie at just about 7 months, she was hoping that she could live happily with her two cats. Lilypup naturally wanted to bound around after them and it was felt that a chance couldn't be taken on their safety. Lilypup wasn't with us long. She is a true beauty, and one of our previous adopters who has Bailey saw her and just kept coming back to her story and pictures. Bailey and she get on so well, and who knows, they may even come back for No. 3.. xx.

Lily - Lurcher grey x

Sadly Lily and her house sister Lottie had to be rehomed. Their mum was a very ill and wanted to see them homed and happy whilst she could still arrange it. We promised that the girls would go to the best possible homes where they would be spoilt and loved for the rest of their lives. We only had the girls for a few weeks when both were rehomed within days of each other.A lovely lady who had an Affie x lurcher saw her and knew that she was made for him. Lily is so beautiful.She is now have a second youthful life and loving it with her new brother. xx.

Lottie - whippet x

Sadly Lottie and her house sister Lily had to be rehomed. Their mum was a very ill and wanted to see them homed and happy whilst she could still arrange it. We promised that the girls would go to the best possible homes where they would be spoilt and loved for the rest of their lives. We sent Lottie down to have some fun with Joy and her two dogs on the coast, and the moment that her next-door neighbour and friend met eyes with Lottie it was love. Lottie didn't have to go far to next door and I think they are now thinking of removing the gate between them!! Lottie is so beautiful, and she can be seen in the SLR 2010 Calendar. xx.

Munch - whippet x

Little Munch was found dumped in Ireland. She had been involved in some sort of road traffic accident and left at the side of the road. Lovely Cottage Rescue took her in and paid for her hip to be re-inserted. She was only 7 months old and already suffering the roth of man. We were asked if we could bring her over to find her a loving forever home. Well, she had a lot of offers and the one that stood out the most was Mair. It was love at first sight and little Munch is doing so well now. She will always have a slight limp, but SLR will be keeping an eye on her and helping her new mum through her first year xx.

Gracie - whippet x

Little Grace was dumped in Ireland. We were contacted by a very good rescue that we work closely with over there and it was agreed for this girlie to have the best possible chance of a forever home at her age, then thought to be approximately 8, she had to come over to us. So over Gracie came. It wasn't long before a lovely couple by the sea saw her and fell in love with her. Gracie has a heart and soul to die for and she has more than blossomed with her new num and dad and Suzanne loves her to bits. xx.


Little Lily was found wandering in Essex. We were contacted by the dog wardens who didn't want her to stay in kennels. She was underweight and had a few little scars where she had been got at by other dogs. Quite timid at first Lily soon found her feet and became a lovely cheeky little girlie. We knew she was flourishing with other dogs around and loved children so we had to find her the right home. We had had several applications, but none of them just what we wanted for Lily. And then Karla saw her and appllied. She now has a fun loving brother Manson and a human brother to play with. And is very much loved. Be happy little Lily. xxx.


The owners of Chloe were moving back to America and didn't want to take Chloe on such a long and stressful journey at her time of life. They had originally found someone to take her, but were let down 4 days before flying. Thank god they found us. Several hours and phone calls later Val, who had only applied for a dog that morning, made a decision to foster Chloe, even if she wasn't keeping her. A few days later Chloe was installed with Val in the lovely New Forest, and if anyone could prize her away from there they would have to be made of stern stuff. Chloe isn't going anywhere. She has her loving home and her big sister, and is loving it. Thank you so much Val for taking a very brave decision to take on a dog that you didn't know when all you did was make an application. We work quickly here you know!!! xxx.


Gem, a very special girlie with a very special name. Her story is so sad, but her ending is more than we had hoped for. Gem's original mum had to return to full-time work and things were fine for Gem and her canine companion Taz, with a dog walker coming in. But one day her owner came home to find Gem distraught. Taz had died and Gem took it badly. She was unable to leave her during the day as Gem would try to break out of the house, become distructive and couldn't bear being left. At the end of her tether she contacted us. John and viv in Hertfordshire are experienced fosterers and over the course of several months turned Gem around. She became more confident, used to other dogs, socialized and even enjoyed the company of other dogs. Then one specila lady named Kay saw her advertised on our site, read her full 7 page story and decided that she had what Gem needed. Time, love and patience. It was a very emotional meeting the day that Reva and her mum Kay came to visit to take her home, but Gem seemed to know that this was her new mum and took to her straight away. And SLR have benefited from some new helpers in the rescue. Thank you so much for all your help ladies. Not forgetting Gem's first mum, who followed her turnaround, supported the rescue and who very much loved her, but knew that this was the best thing for Gem. Be loved always little Gem. xxx.


Hetty was originally adopted from a mixed Rescue. The lady adopting was amazed that they never did a homecheck but just checked her driving license!! Alas Hetty was a little too strong on the lead for her elderly dad who was living at home with her and she felt that Hetty wasn't getting enough exercise. Hetty came into us and was rehomed once, but being a pup chewed at the door frames and didn't like car journeys so was returned. We knew that with just the right home Hetty would excel. Then Emma saw her on the forum and asked all the right questions. Hetty went up to meet the family and chose her dad instantly. We hear that they have a strong bond. The children love her to bits and Hetty has a veeeeeery big garden, well farmland to run around on. She is a bit of a pickle for wandering off and doing her own thing, but does come back after a while... Behave Hetty and be

Alfie McVitie

We had a phone call from a riding School saying that they had found a young exhausted Lurcher in a wheelbarrow asleep. There were absolutely no foster places left, but we never say no if we can help, so after asking the riding school to keep hold of him for the night we went over to collect the poor mite the next day. We were amazed at the state of his poor, emaciated and exhausted boy. And he was so happy to see everyone, poking his head out of the gap in the stable and wagging his tail profusely. Alfie McVitie was named Alfie by the children who found him and we named him McVitie because he was our third Alfie in as many months. He was sore, he had some old bite wounds and cuts and sore pads and was covered raw in Dermodex mange. He came back to Mimsmums after an immediate vet visit. Thank god it was Dermodex mange and not Sarcoptic. He was so exhausted and his will had all but gone, but he managed to tail wag. It took a good few weeks to turn him around, but what an incredibly gentle and happy chap he was. It was very hard to let him go, as we were totally in love with him, but when we met his new mum and dad and his new brother Monty, it all just clicked. Goodbye was so hard Alfie McVitie, but you have gone from nothing to everything. God bless you little big man. The hole in this heart will mend now we know you are so loved xxxx.


Uneblievably Lady was an unwanted dog. Given to a friend at her local stables, they felt they could no longer look after her. She is the most beautiful whippety girl we have ever had through. We were inundated with enquiries, but after seeing how much she loved children and dogs we had to find the right home for her. Christina applied. And everything just fitted. She now has a little sister Poppy, so fun loving. We are sure that Lady is going to have a fun filled life. Be happy beautiful little girlie xx.


Marcus had been taken in as a stray but the dynamics of the dog population in the house meant that he was very scared of the Rottweiler insitu. Marcus was wetting and always trying to escape. He wasn't eating very well and was getting thinner. Reluctantly the new owner phoned us and asked us to take him on. It wasn't long at all before his lovely new adopters saw him on the site and fell in love instantly. Marcus now has a setter sister and is loving his new life. Be happy Marcus. You are one gorgeous hound xx.


Riley came into us as a stray. Only a baby, he was thin but otherwise in good condition. He had an amazing temperament straight from the off, and just takes everything in his stride. It is not surprising that several people fell in love with him, but when we got an application from a local couple we followed it up quickly. This Administrator is amazed, when the couple opened their door to greet me it was my old dentist from 30 years back!!! Not having had lurchers before a long conversation ensued about the breed, but they were not put off. Riley went on a visit and made himself at home immediately. We think Riley found his home and was quite happy to park himself there, and his new mum and dad, well, over the moon was one phrase they used. He is a dog in a million. Be happy Riley. xx.


Mischa, just a baby had lived in a flat and was advertised on the internet by her owner because she didn't want her any longer. Another couple bought her and had her two days before saying that Mischa had become too boisterous. She is a puppy, just six months old and wanted some life. She came into us and because she had not been socialized both Barney and then Jean had their work cut out training her in the art of nice play. But wonders do work and Mischa has been turned around. She has also fledged into a beautiful merle lurcher. Jim and Maggie saw her on the site and having not long lost their own lurchers they were in love. Mischa has landed on her feet. Spoilt? You decide..x.


Moss' time was up at the holding kennels and thin and not well. We couldn't leave him to his fate so brought him into foster with Barney. Moss doesn't have a bad bone in his body, but is a mischeivous little big lad. We took him to a rescue function in Essex and his new dad Aran was besotted with him. So much so that he spent the whole day with Aran and Kelly and their dog Lucy. Moss is a lovely lovely dog but Kelly and Aran certainly know that they have a lurcher now. But boy is he lovable.


Just a baby, Dooley's time was up at the holding kennels and there was no more time left. We decided to bring him in and Barney, as full of fosters as we was offered to have him. Louise popped in to do my hair and ended up taking home a lovely foster boy with her. Sarah and family took no time at all to decide that Dooley was the one for them and now he is happy in Hertfordshire with his new family and having the life that a pup should xx


Tragically Shadow had to be taken into care with the local Council as his owner was suffering with a degenerative illness and would not be able to look after him again. The local Social workers contacted us and he came into foster. Everyone who was in contact with Shadow couldn't help but fall in love with this little Wicklow Hill Hound. He is adorable. And it wasn't long before his forever family spotted him on the threads and the rest is history. He is so well loved by all xx


Pippa's owners contacted us and said that Pippa at the age of 10 was being tormented by their toddler and they were expecting another baby. We offered to rehome Pippa straight from her own home and luckily Jane saw her advertised and offered to take her on. She had the lovely Bobsey and wanted another older bitch as a companion. Jane was just what Pippa needed, and whatever the reason for getting rid of Pippa, she landed on her feet with Jane. Poor Pippa has had major surgery for mammary tumours since her adoption and Jayne has been there every step of the way for her. xx


Unebelievably Luka was at the end of his 7 days in holding kennels and the mixed rescue attached had now had a sniff of a new home. They contated us as he was so lovely. Luka wasn't on our website five minutes when one of our adopters of a previous SLR dog rang excitedly to ask if she could add him to the family. He was the perfect fit for Callum and so Luka has stayed locally near SLR and also has a cat for family. Cathy and Alistair report that he is a doing well xx

Mason (now Macey)

A very special litter of four cross-lurcher pups came into SLR.Their owner had decided that she wanted the best possible homes for her lurcher's offspring so asked us to take them on board. It was love at first sight for Mason's new mum. And he has a big lurcher named Dylan who is showing him all the ropes. Be happy little man. This foster mum had a special spot in her heart for you. xx

Bob (now Monty)

A very special litter of four cross-lurcher pups came into SLR.Their owner had decided that she wanted the best possible homes for her lurcher's offspring so asked us to take them on board. And we got just that. Monty was to be the first ever dog for his family and they are so pleased they did it. The cat is pleased too, as long as Monty knows his place, and he think it looks like he does. x

Levi (now Dexter)

A very special litter of four cross-lurcher pups came into SLR.Their owner had decided that she wanted the best possible homes for her lurcher's offspring so asked us to take them on board. Dexter was immediatley spotted by his new mum and Dad, and Carole got her wish and a second lurcher brother for little Leo. We are happy too as we will get to see Leo often as he was rehomed locally to us at SLR and will attend the walks. x

Cai (now Crosby)

A very special litter of four cross-lurcher pups came into SLR.Their owner had decided that she wanted the best possible homes for her lurcher's offspring so asked us to take them on board. Cai, unbelievably was the last to be snapped up! He is absolutely stunning and it broke his foster mum's heart to know that he was the last one left. But when he was snapped up it was to the best possible home with his new mum and dad. Spilt? You bet you. He's loved ao much.Here he is with his new big sister. Mummy was taking the photo


A very special puppy came into SLR which we thought we would easily rehome. He had taken a dislike to the toddler of the family and his mum very tearfully handed him over to SLR Administrator Jenny (me) to rehome, after assuring her that he wouldn't go until we had found him the perfect home. We do this with every dog that comes in, but Milo had special needs. He hates cats with a passion, and squirrels and also had separation anxiety when he first arrived to it was soon evident that he would have to be rehomed with another dog and no children under the age of 8. A home with no squirrels visiting and no cats either. Oh, and he is very verbal. The weeks went by and the months went by and after 16 applications for Milo,over 8 months, from lovely people but all thinking that he could change Jenny decided that enough was enough. He loved his fellow hound mates, and he loved his foster dad, although foster dad always says he doesn't love them!!! After thinking that the final perfect home had been found, but then lost it was decided that Milo would become the sixth doglet in the house. And god rest our souls. He is verbal, he is a woos, but he is our verbal woos and we love him to bits. xxx


Lady's owner was ill and needed to be admitted to hospital for an indefinite period. She had had lady for 3 years and she was her soul-mate. We were asked to take Lady in and one of our lovely foster mums, Joy, took her down in Hayling Island..Lady had a lovely time with Joy's two dogs and then along came an angel named Carol who was following her thread. Carol immediately fell in love with Lady who is having a lovely life in Dorset where she has Carol's undivided love and attention, and she is loving it.


Lenny was rehomed by us to a nice family, but as he was a big boy and liked to chase the children, he would knock them flying and just be too OTT for the little ones. It was decided to bring him back into the rescue. Lenny was fostered by the owner of one of his litter brothers (who also came through rescue), and gradually calmed down and learnt a lot of manners with his foster home. A lovely family with plenty of space for Lenny saw his story and the rest is history. He went to visit and was immediately accepted by the home pack. And what a stunning dog he has turned into.


Badger was one too many on the day for us. We had to bring home Bailey as he was in a bad way and little Badger was visited but had to be left in holding kennels. He had two more days to go but there was no room at the in on that day. It is always horrible to go see them and know how lovely they are but not be able to bring them out there and then. Jenny, SLR Administrator returned home to find a good friend sitting in her car outside. She was just writing Jenny a note to say that she had popped round and would pop round another time. They had a cuppa and the story of poor Badger being left was told. Bailey was due for a vet appointment in an hour or so. Jojo didn't take a second though, dog unseen she offered to foster it for SLR. After dropping Bailey off at the vets a round trip was made to kennels and Badger released into our care. There was love at first sight. He was all over Jojo and she was smitten. Well, that is the quickest failed fosterer in the history of SLR. All the way home to her house with the dog she said, "I love him, I love him". And she does. This little dog has a temperament to die for, and boy does he give kisses, but we all prefer them not to be FRENCH. xx.


Bailey, lovely Bailey was in holding kennels and had already had his seven days. But the holdings kennels were loathe to put a lovely dog down and so held onto him until we could take him in. He has to be the most laid back and gorgeous hound in the world. He just fitted in with Barney's home pack and loved every minute of every visiting person and dog. Bailey had a special family watching his thread and jumping up and down to meet him. And they finally did. Carole and Rob and girls were smitten, and so too was Bailey. He is now happily settled into his new family life and very very loved.


Ronnie, beautiful and bouncy had grown much bigger and bouncier than his eldery owner had realised he would. At just about 14 months old he was just too much for her. He needed to spread his wings and run with the wind. Ronnie went to foster with Jayne and her lovely two hounds and children and had a blast. He had several applications for him but the one the was the best was back in his own home county of Hampshire, on a beach and with a lovely 5 mile run each day to and from work with his new owner Mike. Happy days Ronnie. Be happy. x


Dozer has a temperament to die for. He is also very cat friendly. He was rehomed by the rescue to a lovely family within the rescue, but alas their circumstances changed and they were no longer able to be around him during the day as much as they would like, and new that he wasn't getting any fun. He loves children and so when we were looking for a new home for him, children were a must. Dozer got his wish. He has plenty of fun and games with his new family and lots and lots of love. Be happy little Dozer. We all loved you here. xx


~Ralph's owners were working long hours and felt it unfair to keep Ralph at home on his own. They made arrangements with another family to take him on but they also felt it fairer to Ralph to have a family around most of the time and lurcher offay. Ralph came into us and was fostered with firstly, Rebecca for 2 nights and then onto Nina and family where he stayed until he was rehomed. Ralph now has a human brother to play with and is having a lovely time with his new family. He is such a lovely dog. It must have been traumatic for his past owners to have given him up but a lovely result in the end for Ralph. xx

Beagle - now Ripley

Beagle, now Ripley, came into the rescue through his second owner. She had taken him in from a friend who couldn't look after him any more. Beagle was only around 8 months old and without a home for the second time as his new owner also was told that she could not have so many dogs. She did the right thing though and contacted us. Beagle settled very easily into his foster home with Rowan and family. So much so that they were completely in love with him, so it was a terrible wrench when a lovely new home was found in Essex for Ripley. It is always hard to left a foster dog go, but knowing that he has gone to such a lovely new home does make it a bit easier. Ripley's new family love him to bits and he has his very own big lurcher brother Logan to show him the ropes.xx

Orin - now Finn

Orin was probably sadly left behind by travellers moving on. One of our forum members, Rosa, had been trying to help catch him for a couple of days. He was bedraggled and taken into holding kennels. His time was nearly up but the local dog warden in Berkshire liased with Rosa and asked SLR to take him in and find him a home. He described him as laid back and no bother. He is more than that, he is a gorgeous hound who has a lot of love to give. Fostered by Rowan, Helen and Hannah in St. Albans within the two weeks that he was there he proved to be a very loving hound. We had 16 applications for Finn, but one stood out. We nearly didn't get there for the lack of a homecheck, but a lovely local rescue to them stepped in and helped us out with the visit. Once neutered Finn was allowed to go to his new forever home where we are told he has more home comforts than we do!!! Can you adopt us too Anna and Paul!! We will have plenty of updates on Finn as Anna has joined the forum.


Danny was found wandering in Essex. Taken to holding kennels, he was on his last couple of days. It was touch and go but Jenny SLR Administrator took him in for the first night and then he went down to Kent to Lesley and Ian for cat testing. Not too hot on the cat testing we needed to find another foster home for Danny. Rowan and family came up trumps and Danny soon settled in with their two dogs. Danny had a lot of applications but one family stood out. Danny needed another dog around as he was only a baby and loved to play. Bunter was still young and needed a playmate. They hit it off and Danny, now Tigger is having a ball with his new big brother. Colour match or what? They are both lovely, and Tigger is so so loved.xx


Jack came in with his litter brother, very underweight. The owners had bought the two pups in a pub at the age of 8 weeks but felt that they would no longer care for them. They were right. Both of the pups were underweight and very unsocialized and timid. Jack went to foster with Jane and her two lurchers and came along lovely. When it came to parting with Jack the family realised that they were too much in love with him and so Jack has stayed. He is a very much loved member of the family now and well, just gorgeous.xx


Gorgeous and black Holly was a real dilemma for the holdings kennels. They were full to bursing and it was two days before Christmas. Hence her name. Her time was up and being a good holding kennels they were asking for rescue places. They rang and luckily we had a foster space free at Uncle Barneys. Holly would go there for Christmas and then when someone was free go into another foster home. She has a lovely temperament and so loving. Jean, even though she has two of her own in her little bungalow, kindly offered to foster this gorgeous little girlie, and it didn't take long for her to get some attention from prospective adopters. Then Celia emailed us for some more information. She was exactly what Holly was looking for. And Holly would get to meet lots of new friends. Poor Holly had not had the best start in life. She had probably had pups around 10 weeks before and was only about 17 months old herself, and discarded. Celia came along just at the right time for Holly. And is having a great life now. God bless you lovely little girlie.xx


Poor tiny Eddie was found wandering in Essex. Picked up by the dog warden and taken, luckily for Eddie, to our local holding kennels and a fellow rescue shelter. As it was two days before Christmas and her time was nearly up they asked if we could take Holly we have also rehomed as her time was up and there looked no future for her. We went to get Holly and just to photograph Eddie. He looked so cold and so depressed that we just couldn't leave him behind. Well, what's one extra for Christmas, so Mr. Ed came to Mimsmum for his christmas holidays. Once on the website Eddie proved very popular and the applications came flooding in. A special one came in that just fitted what Eddie needed and so Jasmine and James were invited with John to come and visit. Eddie immediately took to John and after a couple more week, which we know to Jamine seems eternity Eddie went home with them. He had come with a wound on his side and during neutering a biiopsy was done, but nothing untoward was found. Eddie is now a very loved and spoilt boy in Bucks This little lad was a heart-breaker. He will always having a special place in the Mimsmum's


Little Jess and his brother came into SLR as the owners could no longer look after them. Both the dogs were underweight and had been left for long hours. It had taken two weeks for the owners to get them into the rescue, and we have to say we were not happy with their condition. Little Jess was painfully underweight. The owner gave no indication of the diet they had been on and no food came with them. Jess went to foster with Lesley and Ian and it seemed an eternity waiting for the right home to come up for him. But eventually it did. Jess is now happily rehomed with Krista and her lovely family and has a big brother lurcher to play with xx

Lily - now Maggie

Lovely little Lily had been rescued by Clare Animal Welfare in Ireland, a rescue that we work closely with. She didn't stand a chance of a home for months over there so we were asked if we could find her a home and bring her over. What a gorgeous girlie. Betty saw her on our website and had fallen in love. So little Lily, now Maggie travelled the long journey over. She was a little star and once she had a day to recover showed what a lovely dog she was. Betty came to visit and they have been inseparable ever since. Lily is growing into one stunning little girlie.xx



Callum was found wandering in Essex. He is only about 17 months old, just a baby and very scared when he entered our rescue. He went to live with Uncle Barney and hounds and they made sure that he was licked and loved. Callum came out of his shell and proved to be an adorable dog with the loveliest of natures. A lady, not looking for Callum's type came along and asked if we had any smooth coats. But what she described in her last dog she had was Callum, all but the coat!!!! We invited Kathy and her partner Alastair to come and meet Callum. Actually Uncle Barney took him over there on the homecheck. And did she resist.. No. Callum was just what she wanted. Having bumped into her several times on walks now, we can see that she is just what Callum wanted too. See you soon..xx


At the age of 10 Simba found himself without a family for the third time. He had been rescued by his second family. Sadly she died leaving him to her son. Her son then had a massive heart attack so a family friend was asked to take on Simba for the rest of his life. She naturally agreed and Simba was happy again. Tragically her 8 month old baby was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with acute allergy to Simba. The family phoned us and asked if we could help him. He is a lurcher X but how could we not help such a lovely dog who has been so loved and given so much love. Unbelievably we had several offers of homes for Simba but we wanted a special one, one where he would be a soul mate again. And then along came Betty, 92 years young and her carers/longtime friends who all said that if anything happens to Betty Simba will live out his days with the friends. Betty made the long journey to meet Simba and love at first site has already turned into soul mates. This little dog has a very special guardian angel. God bless you all. We did not put on his before piccies as we wanted you all to see how loved and happy they all are. xxxx.


Tiny little Ellie, whippet, was found wandering in Essex. She was taken to holding kennels. She had not long had pups, around 11 weeks before. No-one claimed her so the holding kennels asked us if we could take her in. She was quite timid at the time. She didn't take long to come out of her shell. Only around 17 months old herself Ellie was a lovable little rogue. We had a lot of interest in Ellie but we wanted Ellie to go to a home with another dog. Along came Brodie, 4 times the size of Ellie and almost the image of her. It was been love ever since. Ellie now lives near the seaside in Hayling Island and loving her beach walks. Enjoy being a puppy again Ellie. Send us some rock. xxx


This gorgeous little lad was rescued by his lovely Irish rescue and nursed back to health. They had no luck finding him a home and so asked us to look out for a home here in the U.K. We had though we had found the perfect home but the cat did not want to know him and after two weeks of perservering his adopters felt it was not fair on him to contain him away from the cat. We then found him another home with two cats and little Monty was duly introduced to them. Not love at first site on the cats part but we think that you will agree that one of them at least is warming to him. Monty is a lovable puppy dog and so eager to please. New mum Sue and Steve are doing wonders with him and the latest news is that he is often off-lead for a lovely run around in the park with his friends. Lovely ending for a gorgeous little


Gorgeous little Lolly was found by her Irish Rescuers, Cottage Rescue in one terrible state. She was approximately 4 months old when found and had been beaten and left... Nursed back to health Cottage contacted us and asked us to help her find a loving forever home. Lolly came over into foster with Ian and Lesley in Kent. She was introduced to the cats and announced cat friendly. And as we knew, along came a loving forever home in the shape of Toni. She is loved to bits. Living by the seaside as her daily walk. Little Lolly has really landed on all paws.


Poor little Chloe ended up in Holding kennels after being found tied to a gate post. She was in a poor state of health. Approximately 7 years old Chloe had obviously been bred from many times and been dumped in panic as it looked as if she had lymphoma. She had a mammary lump and had lost a lot of coat through possible mange. After an evaluation at the vets it was decided to neuter Chloe,remove the mammary lump and take biopsys, bloods, skin scrapes and descale her teeth. We have a wonderful forum membership here and we knew we would be backed by the members if the vet's bill ran high so the go-ahead was given. After a few gruelling hours Chloe came round from her op. The tests all came back one by one. Negative for lymphoma, a benign tumour, Mange was then ruled out as Chloe had a flea allergy. Her teeth came up pearly white and nails were cut. Poor mite took a week or so to heal with the loving care of her foster mum and dad Angie and Freddie. She has blossomed. Her deadened coat has come back and her eyes sparkle. Chloe went off to her new home in the country with her lovely family and new laid back lurcher sister Dolly. We think the one and a half acre garden and endless cuddles will do just nicely. And exactly what an angel deserves. xxx


Tobermory, (house name Mory), came under SLR's wing as an 11 month old Greyhound X Whippet lad as a result of having a tendency to run off, accompanied by no discernible recall, which drove his family to distraction, as they loved him to bits but were fearful for his safety. They tried every suggestion in the book, but to no avail, and finally could see no option other than to very reluctantly surrender him into our care. This handsome tall boy was a hit with his fosterers and their updates and photos made his previous owners realise they wanted him back. With support from SLR members to help with training Mory was able to go back home again!


Max was only with us for a week. His relinquishing owners had bought him from a private home but were unable to keep him due to a sudden change in circumstances. Little Max didn't even need to be put on the forum as we had already home-visited the ideal home. He had a lovely week in his foster home with Angie, Fred and their lovely two hounds who showed him all the ropes. In that time he was house-trained and almost completely dry. What a little star. He now has a lovely home with Jeanette and Gary, where we hear that he now sleeps on the bed... Tut.. Way to go Max you gorgeous boy. xxx


Gorgeous little Robbie, only a baby was found roaming in Essex by one of our members and a group of dog walkers. Captured, he gave himself up willingly and very waggy and happy to be eating treats. Not too thin, but needing a square meal he had to serve his time in kennels. After his 7 days were up he came into our care and was after intial assessment with Mimsmum fostered by Nina and family, This was their second foster for SLR, but this one wasn't going to go anywhere. He and they had failure written all over them. Figgy became Robbie and Robbie slept on the bed and in the bed if he wanted to. Finn and Cally their own dogs loved him too, so at the promise of still fostering for SLR little Robbie has been adopted. I know why they couldn't resist him. He charmed all of us with his irresistable cuddles. N.B. to myself - DO NOT send Nina and Pete any more cute puppies.xx


Charlie was found wandering in Essex. He is a quiet soul who gets on well with all the dogs that he has met. A stunning lurcher, and after having a bath and a good groom was even more stunning. Fostered by Keith and Brenda, Charlie had a good start and was soon spotted by Ian and Chris and a new pub life with their rescue brindle lurcher Jack, who we helped re-home to them last year. Have a lovely life Charlie, and let's hope it is a charmed one. God bless you lovely boy..


We work closely with C.A.L.L. in Ireland and although our priority is to re-home dogs for our side of the water, we do whenever we can help them out. Gill at C.A.L.L. was personally fostering little Aoife and asked us to find her a home over here. We had already been approached by a member on the forum who we had helped to home her first lurcher, litlte Tarka. So, it was all done and dusted before little Aoife arrived. She came over straight into the arms of her new daddy and within the hour into her new bed with her family. Mimsmum delivered her and at 6.30 a.m. over a cup of tea the children came down to find a new pup. Tarka and Aoife are inseparable. Be happy gorgeous little Aoife. xxx.


Diggy was too young to be in holding kennels at just 14 weeks old. We got the call and immediatley collected him. What a poppet. He never put a foot wrong and didn't have to wait long for his new home. He went to live with Mark and Sue and Willow who they adopted two weeks earlier. Both Diggy and Willow have settled into their new family with their own lovely lurchers. I can't wait to see the little man when he is all grown up. What a super pup. Good luck little Diggy. Tag misses you.


Nemo sadly had to come into rescue as her owner's change of house and circumstances meant that Nemo no longer had acres of land to play and run in. She was being restricted to lead walks as the roads were so dangerous in her new environment and they could see that Nemo was depressed. It was heart-rendering to see the upset in them when she was handed over. We promised that she would only go to the best possible home and we keep our promises. She went to live with Eric and the human family who love her so much. Little Nemo and family give us regular updates and the little girlie is doing wonderfully. xxxx


Gorgeous little Millie was a heart-stealer. Only a little one at about 22 inches at the shoulder she stole the heart of Barney. She also stole the hearts of Zoe and Terry who had adopted Jobi from us and were looking for a soul mate for him. What a lovely match they made and it was love at first sight for all. We hear that Jobi is teaching her to behave and being her father figure. She has really landed on her feet. You are so loved little one. Be happy..


Tag had been with SLR Administrator for nearly 7 months. Found tied to a tree, by a passerby nearly 7 months ago, the holdings kennels phoned to say that the poor mite was terrified in kennels. Tag has been a handful for his SLR family, destroyed the patio furniture, but is a lovable rogue. When it came to the chance of the perfect home the family couldn't part with him. With all his foibles, Tag is still a lovable rogue, who has now just slotted in with the family. Jenny promises not to fail again this year!!!


Gorgeous Willow wasn't with us long at all. We had a phone call from one of our members to inform us that sadly their oldie had died in the week and would we please look out for another to replace him. Willow was due to come in the next day and we told them about her. It was love at first sight and Willow has now gone to a fantastic home in the country with acres to bound about in with their other 3 lovely dogs, including the stunning Leika who SLR rehomed to them last year. Willow is only a baby and I am sure that she will have a charmed life. God bless you Willow.


Poppy was on death row, but had a very caring Dog Warden who couldn't see that happen. We were contacted and Jenny S.L.R. Administrator met Jemma the Dog Warden on the M.25. What a sight this lovely little lady was. So waggy and so unbelievably adorable. She has a deformed right leg from birth. Her temperament is to die for. Jenny took her home to foster with her five dogs and Poppy fitted in just nice. It wasn't long before the home offers came in, and one stood out from the crowd. Poppy was only destined for one home. She is now so well loved and living life to the full. And that deformed front leg, well, what deformed leg?? She's doing fine. Thank you so much Karen and Chris for giving this little p.t.s. girlie a lifetime of love ahead.... She is heaven sent....


Little Daisy was destined to live with her new family. They had Daisy written all over them. As grandad's dog is named Daisy, she is now named Poppy and lives with Helen, Chris and their lovely children with Pip, previously adopted from us, and what a lovely family they make. We love a happy ending.


Little Prince Elmer had a very special mummy watching his whole progress whilst he was with us, and was very much in love with him. This little puppy came in so completely scared, but with the kindness of Barney and some patience and gentle introduction to other SLR members, little Elmer gradually came out of his shell. He will now lead a charmed life as the little Prince that he has turned out to be. Be happy little Prince Elmer. Be loved and be a good little man.


Well the lovely Dale wasn't with us for very long. How could anyone resist him? We were inundated with enquries for him. He has gone to an enchanted life with lots of tlc with Mary and Stuart. Another Kent home for an SLR dog. There will be plenty to offer walks with little Dale. Be very happy little man, and your angel foster-mummy in Ireland has sent a blessing with much love.


Little Shadow came in via another mixed rescue we work closely with. His owners had asked their vet to put him dow and couldn't give a reason why. The vet refused and asked the mixed rescue to find him a home. They in turn asked us to take him in. Shadow was an absolute poppet in foster with John and Viv. Only a baby and very clever. We took him to one of the shows that we go to and his new dad Mike met him with their own dog Fern. He was very much like Fern and Mike made it his mission to persuade his wife Jennie to fall in love with him. John and Viv took little Shadow over for a visit and all just clicked into place. Everyone at this rescue fell in love with this little chap because he has so much love to give. xx


Taking on Willow, was taking on a little Angel. And she has been adopted by an angel. We know she is in a lovely home with you Liz and John. And having an adopted sister Dyna to live with is just heaven for Willow. Have a cherished life little Willow. xxxxx


Winnie had been with Barney for over six months. She did try a new home for a few weeks but it was not meant to be. Every time Barney fostered a new little one Winnie, mummy dog, was first to prune and welcome. We knew it was getting progressively more obvious that Winnie had chosen Barney, and she was just waiting for the right moment to tell him. The moment came when Joy had to choose between Winnie and Bonnie. There was no choice, Winnie only had eyes for Barney as he left them outside for just a short while. How can anyone take Winnie away from Barney. In his heart he knew it, and Winnie told Joy it with her eyes, with her loving quiet whine, and with her waggy tail when he returned. She had her forever home all along, and now has Daddy, not Uncle Barney, but her Daddy. God bless you little Winnie. xxx


We have a lovely affinity with an Irish Rescue, who in our opinion are the best rescue in the world. Having had Bran over and then wonderful little Annie we were asked if we could take on Bonnie. Described as a proper little princess who just wanted cuddles 24/8. The description was spot on and Bonnie came over into our care. She was very loved by her foster mum in Ireland, and was only going to go to the best possible home. 18 applications were sifted through, and it was left to Bonnie to decide whether we had picked the right home for her. Barney travelled the 6 hour round trip for Bonnie to visit her new prospective mum and a much needed brother in Sam the lurcher. Were they going to get along. Would Joy fall in love with her. Why did we worry at all. Joy is a wonderful lady and Sam so laid back. Bonnie now has her forever sofa with cuddles forever. God bless you Joy. You were meant to be. And thank you for helping Barney see that he had the best forever home for Winnie right under his nose. xxx


Archie came into SLR through no fault of his own or of his owner. She was a mum of very young children on her own and had broken herleg. It was impossible for her to manage and there was no-one in the family or friends who could help her out. Archie was just a young lurcher of around 18 months and needed plenty of exercise. She thought long and hard about the decision to rehome Archie, and did the best for him. Judy, one of our forum members had been considering another dog as a best friend for her lovely lurcher girl Alice, and as soon as she saw Archie it was just right. Archie and Alice are now inseparable. The cat is still a work in progress!! Archie can be seen many times on the SLR forum and the SLR calendars as he is just soooo photogenic.


Shaun has a lovely nature but unfortunately for him life did not work out in his new adopted home and so came back into us. It wasn't long before applications came in again. We had to get it right this time. Shaun hated traffic and we needed to get him out into the country. A lovely couple applied for Shaun and being retired and having their own paddocks with acres for him to run around in was ideal for Shaun. Plus an added bonus of a little playmate. Perfect. Shaun now lives in Hampshire and is loving his new life..


The lovely Logan has now departed for his new life with J.B. and family. A favourite among the members of SLR, have a long and happy life Loggie. xxx


Rosie had been found wandering in Essex and her time was up, but the holding kennels was also a mixed rescue who we work with. They held onto Rosie for nearly another week for us whilst we rehomed to make room for her. Yvonne offered to foster Rosie for us and so she made the journey up to Norfolk with Jenny. Rosie had no heart left, no soul left and was all but lost. How can anyone treat these wonderful dogs in such a way that they lose any feeling at all? Yvonne took one look at her and said, "I don't think I will be able to pass her on". And she never did. After just one week of fostering the life the heart and the soul started to come back into this gorgeous little lass, and she was home. For good. xxx


Joe came into SLR as the result of a concerned neighbour phone call, after his owner was taken into hospital. He had been neglected for some time and was in a pitiful condition. Joe had a grade 5/6 heart murmur and was painfully underweight. He also had a kidney infection and terribly rotten teeth which had resulted in a lot of pain and urine infections for Joe. This was so upsetting for all concerned, and with the help of the neighbours and the RSPCA and our good Vet Anil Joe was signed over to us. He had nearly all his teeth removed under anaesthetic and his nails cut back as much as possible. Joe had a very lovely angel waiting in the wings to take him on, whatever his condition. Jacki nursed him and Joe blossomed in her care, but alas his heart and kidneys had taken too much of a pounding over the last year of his life and little Joe crossed the rainbow bridge after only being with his angel for 4 months. SLR will forever be grateful to Jacki for the love and understanding that Joe had for that brief time. We know how heart-breaking it was for her and we are so lucky that she was prepared to have her heart broken to see Joe happy for just a while. God bless you wherever you are running Joe. Til we meet God bless you too Jacki. xx


We were asked to take lovely cat friendly Snoopy in as the toddler of the family was making his intolerable and he had started to growl back. It had become urgent and so we asked Ian and Lesley if they could just transport Snoopy back up to their overnight for us to collect. Lesley and Ian had already committed themselves to another rescue to add to their family, but on the journey on the way home with Snoopy their received a phone call to say that the foster family were unable to part with the dog that they were expecting to adopt. It must have been fate. Ian and Lesley had on board a lovely dog that met all the criteria that they needed for a second dog in the family, and there was no decision to think about. Snoopy was going nowhere. He is now a very much loved member of the family. xx


From the very start of his fostering it was a sure thing that Keith would fail. How could he not with such a gorgeous hound. One hound who has truly landed on all four paws and happy ever after. xx


Annie came over from Ireland with one of the good rescues we work alongside. She came at just the right time for Barney as he had just lost his beloved and wonderful friend Seamus. Annie was another deerhound x lurcher and the moment that Barney set eyes on her and she set eyes on him it was meant to be. Annie is a wonderful and loyal little love, and although she could never replace the lovely Seamus she will always keep his memory alive. xx


Little Maisie has gone to her new home with Alison and family. We wish you all every happiness for the future, and remember, we are here, a phone call or email away should you need us. Happy days.


Jobi had so many home offers and we think and he thinks we found him the perfect one. Jobi is the loveliest dog we have ever had through our doors and that must be lovely because we have had the loveliest dogs, all of them. Be happy little man, you special hound. May your bed always be warm and your heart always full of love, and your bowl always full. xxx


Belle is a very happy gorgeous young lady. She has found her forever sofa and bed with Jean, one of SLR's members. Belle came along at just the right time for Jean, and Jean is just the right mum for Belle. Lots of love and happiness is wished for you both for many years to come. x


Dear little Amy, such a heart stealer, has taken up residence with Bev, Roy and Amelia in Kent. She is already off lead and having a lovely time charging around the local woods. Be very happy little one.xx


Pip has landed well and truly on his feet and has settled so well with Helen and Chris and children. He has discovered that the sofa is his as well and loves meeting all the little toddlers at playgroup. Way to go lovely little man. Have a lovely life together all.xx



We had an emergency phone call to go and pick up a 5 month old pup. The couple were having to leave her for 10 hours a day and she was becoming destructive and they realised that it wasn't fair to her. We sent over Mo as the nearest transporter..... Holly never arrived back at base, as Mo fell instantly in love with her. She has been a pickle and you can certainly say has livened up the Poole pack household, but Mo wouldn't have her any other way.


Gorgeous little laid back Robbie has gone to live with Sue and Rob and Missy, who they adopted from us just 3 weeks ago. And very happy he is too. Good luck little man, have a lovely life and don't let that little Missy boss you around. xx


Little Ben has fallen on his feet and found his forever home with Lis and Vivian and Sam. Be happy little man and be a good little boy. No more slippers!!! Well, not many anyway!


Missy landed well and truly on her feet with her lovely new mum and dad Sue and Rus. Wagging all the way to the car. And on Sue's update, she has settled easily and is so loved. Happy forever little Missy.


The lovely Bran had a lovely foster home in Ireland with Miriam but not a sniff of a home offer even though he lived with 6 cats and 5 dogs. Gill of CALL put out a plea for a foster home here and we could not refuse him as we had a space. Bran has to be the loveliest and laid back of dogs. He came over to Uncle Barney for a few days and everything that CALL had said about him was more than true. He is a dog to die for. Lesley and Ian saw him and it was love at first sight. Bran has landed on his feet. Bless him. What a star. What a lovely dog. Be happy little big man. Be happy.


Lovely little Woody pup approx 4-5 months old was saved from P.T.S. by lovely Pat at Mutts who asked us to rehome him. Fostered by Rebecca in Sevenoaks, Woody found the sofa there just too comfy. Woody has been adopted by Rebecca, Mick and girls. Way to go Woody.


We were contacted by Sonia who was grandma to Alfie. Through no fault of his own Alfie at 10 needed to be rehomed. He was now being left for long hours. At the time we had no room as we had no foster help available. We put Alfie on the site and with the help of several SLR members we bombarded the other forums, vets and internet with his videos. Lovely Mike and Elaine had recently lost one of their oldies and needed a companion for their lovely border collie. It was love at first sight and Alfie now has his lovely forever home in Bristol. We all took this big feller into our hearts. The second picture is with little Rory owned by Kate who homevisited Alfie. Live long and be happy little big man.


The gentlest of giants. Spot was due to be put to sleep and the lovely warden Abbi down in Hampshire couldn't let that happen. She contacted us and Spot was duly fostered by John and Viv in Hertfordshire and then as John had to have an operation, by Uncle Barney in Essex. Spot has a lovely nature and has found his forever home with Sandra and Roger.


Lovely Megan has really been through the mill and is a timid little thing who only wants to please. She is so scared of her own shaddow and needs some forever tlc. After 3 weeks with the home pack we have decided that she can stay. She is gradually responding to some heavy tlc and just fits in with this mad family. We love her very much and little by little hope that she will blossom here. Yes, Mummy Chook, Mimsmum has finally failed with a foster!!


Lovely lively little Leika has found a lovely home with Mark and Sue and their three lovely hounds. Endless play and pampering! What a lovely little girlie you are.


What can I say? The lovely Dodger has touched all our hearts. He is a big gentle giant with a loving heart. Rehomed to Fiona, we wish them all the love and happiness in the world. Be happy little big man.


This little chap came into us as an additional extra. Technically he is a whirrier (whippet/terrier type) but he was so depressed we could not leave him there. He is an absolute poppet and has landed fully on his feet joining Andrew and Carol and their lovely two children in Suffolk. We have given him a birthday of 12th January. Obi is the loveliest honorary whirrier we have ever met. Good luck little man.


Bryn was SLR's first rescue dog. His owner contacted SLR when she realised that she could not give him the care and attention that he needed. He was being left 9 hours a day and had become stressed when allowed to go for a walk. He has the loveliest temperament, and a real cuddly character. Bryn was re-homed in London with his new family and their bouncy girlie lurcher. Bryn is now bouncing around with love.


Elly was found wandering the streets with a large cancer growth on her mammary glands. She was emaciated and had all but given up. Thanks to the many donations from SLR and LL members Elly has undergone surgery to remove the tumour and is now being fostered with Jenny, SLR's Administrator. Elly's life expectancy is a year, but not if Elly has anything to do with it. SLR will be eternally grateful to Mutts in Distress and ALL SLR and LL members for making the surgery possible and giving Elly some love and life before she meets the bridge. Elly is now an SLR sponsored dog for life.

If you can offer a home to one of our many hounds who still need one, please contact us directly or visit the Homes Offered section of our forum and let us know.